Made from all-natural ingredients and California-grown marijuana, Kiva chocolate bars are redefining the standard for edible marijuana. Read on to find out why.

Kiva chocolate barsLooks and Design

Each Kiva chocolate bar comes in four segments, with each segment representing one recommended dose of 15 mg of THC or 45 mg of THC, depending on what type of bar you got (more on that later). Imprinted on each segment is a pot leaf, though some segments alternate with the words “One Dose” just for the consumer’s benefit.


These Kiva medicinal cannabis bars absolutely work. One square lasts for hours and is potent enough to ease pain for patients. The dosing is consistent across bars and, depending on your tolerance, one bar could last you anywhere between half and a full week. In terms of taste, Kiva chocolate could easily compete with a regular chocolate bar, the flavor is that good.


Kiva Chocolate medicinal cannabisKiva edibles come in five flavors: Dark Chocolate, Mint Irish Cream, Tangerine Dark Chocolate, Blackberry Dark Chocolate and Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate. Dark Chocolate bars go for $10 retail with 60 mg of THC, while the other flavors are closer to $20 apiece at 180 mg of THC. Prices may vary by location!


The Verdict

We really can’t rave about Kiva chocolate bars enough. Effective, tasty and reliable, the good people at Kiva have really hit upon a wonderful way to provide medible fans with an excellent method of consumption and a fantastic product. 5/5 stars.

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