The Herojuana (sometimes spelled as “Herijuana”) strain is a balanced 50/50 hybrid cross between Petrolia Headstash and Killer New Haven checking in at a modest 12-16% THC. It was first propagated by the heads at Woodhorse Seeds in an attempt to produce a unique strain out of these two highly regarded strains that would feel more potent. Their attempt was successful, as Herojuana tends to be an incredibly good strain for medical marijuana patients. It offers a great mix of balanced effects in both the mind and the body that make this strain one of the most popular strains of all time.

Herojuana strain review
Herojuana strain review

Herojuana is interesting, though. Unlike many hybrid strains that are bred for maximum THC potencies, Herojuana contains a fair amount of CBN. CBN is becoming an exciting new addition to cannabis science research for its sedative and soothing abilities that are amplified by the presence of THC and over 80+ different terpenes found in the strain. With that said, even though Herojuana only checks in at a small 12-16% THC, it tends to feel more potent than most strains at this level thanks to the presence of CBN. It also tends to take on more indica-dominant effects for the same reason.

Herojuana Appearance

The Herojuana strain grows large and tall like a sativa, but with indica-dominant cola structure and broad water leaves ranging in shades of light to dark green. As the colas form, they take on a dense, round shape similar to small half-footballs. Each cola breaks apart into a ton of chunky little popcorn flowers and tend to dry out into a dense structure. The flowers themselves are a bright shade of lime green with lots of amber and orange pistils curling out amongst dense calyxes. Each one is covered in a light blanket of THC-rich trichomes that give the flowers a gently frosted appearance.

Herojuana marijuana strain
Herojuana strain review

Herojuana Aroma

The scent of the Herojuana strain is potent and has the ability to permeate entire rooms while she’s flowering. She envelops the room with a pungently sweet aroma that has a unique and rich full-bodied earthiness to it. However, as the strain dries, its scent refines a bit, taking on notes of peppery spice and sour earth tones. When the flowers are burned, rich notes of wood, herbs, and pungent sweetness take over, leaving behind a sweet and spicy scent. Many people agree that Herojuana’s unique mouth-watering sweet earthiness overpowers jars and bags as well as entire rooms, so if you’re scent-conscious when partaking in cannabis, you may want to pass this one up.

Herojuana cannabis
Herojuana strain review

Herojuana Flavor

The flavor of the Herojuana strain is equally delicious. It tastes a lot like it smells, though more flavors unfold during each portion of the sesh. A deep inhale will bring forth softer notes of herbs and warm wood. As the smoke enters your mouth and lungs, you’ll find that the smoke is rich and sweet, similar to potpourri or floral perfume. As you exhale, all of those exciting earth tones come rushing in, leaving you with an aftertaste of a sweet and spicy earthiness. The final impression is that the strain is quite smooth and unique, overall.

Herojuana weed
Herojuana strain review

Effects of Herojuana 

The Herojuana high kicks in almost immediately. The initial sensation is right behind the eyes, soothing the mind and relaxing the head and shoulders before the deep-seated body buzz travels down and settles heavily in your limbs. From here, you may find yourself blissfully relaxed on the couch or falling into a deep sleep. However, the strain does offer a light cerebral effect that will have you feeling zen and mellow in perfect euphoria. If you’re up for it, you might find yourself feeling a bit focused and creative. The strain never becomes overwhelming in this manner, though the body buzz tends to be pretty sticky. You’ll find yourself comfortable and euphoric, but almost always in a restful position.

Herojuana Medical Uses

These effects coupled with the combination of THC and CBN make the Herojuana strain an excellent choice for medical cannabis patients who are dealing with a variety of physical and mental ills and ailments. It’s indica-dominant effects are great for managing physical and mental symptoms at nighttime. Many patients have seen success with using the Herojuana strain to combat chronic pain, headaches, muscle spasms, nausea, and a lack of appetite. Many others reach for Herojuana to combat insomnia, stress, depression, and in some cases even PTSD.

Herijuana cannabis strain
Herojuana strain review

Herojuana Grow Guide

If you’re thinking about adding the Herojuana strain to your medicine garden, just keep in mind that the strain tends to grow quite large. If you’re growing indoors you’ll want a lot of space for these plants and they will need quite a bit of topping and training early on to keep their growth under control. Be sure to monitor your humidity levels closely, too. These colas tend to grow pretty compacted and excess moisture can cause bud rot.


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