We’ve written about some considerations to make when buying CBD before, but if you’re buying Charlotte’s Web you’re choosing wisely. The company is best known for the late inspiration of the brand name, Charlotte Figi, who died tragically in 2020 at the age of thirteen. She had Dravet syndrome, and CBD eased her constant seizures. The company has signed a deal with Stanley Brothers USA that will allow the company to begin making full-spectrum cannabis products. The five-year Option (extendable to seven years upon payment of additional consideration) with Stanley Brothers USA shareholders was purchased for total consideration of US$8 million cash.

A press release has the details, with Charlotte’s Web gaining the option to acquire Stanley Brothers USA three years from the date of the option and Federal legalization — when that happens. The release also spells out what Stanley will be doing with Charlotte’s Web, explaining: “Stanley Brothers USA is evolving botanical formulations for the Cannabis 2.0 wellness-focused consumer, combining full-spectrum cannabis extracts with functional botanical ingredients. Marketed under the ReCreate brand, the wellness formulations are lower in THC for more precisely controllable benefits.”

Interestingly, the Stanley brothers themselves, Joel and Jared, were on the board of directors for Charlotte’s Web — because they founded the company. However, in light of the deal, they decided to leave their positions to focus on their core company and its product lines. For the part of Stanley Brothers the company, they intend to extend their line with CBD and THC-infused products that include chocolates, gummies and oil tinctures.

Of course, the point of combining THC and CBD into one product is that the customer gains the benefits of both types of cannabinoids. As scientists learn more about the effects of various cannabis compounds, they’re learning how to combine those cannabinoids in various amounts to achieve very specific effects. As Charlotte’s Web has pioneered the CBD space, Stanley Brothers will introduce more products with THC in various amounts.

The expansion of these products is a testament to the shifting landscape in the cannabis industry. Anticipation is growing for full legalization, which means the product lines being formulated now will very likely become nationally available. The companies are preparing for this major change, and will be in prime position when legalization happens. Considering the enormous growth of CBD products after the law was changed to make hemp legal, the pent up demand for full spectrum cannabis products will no doubt be enormous.

From humble beginnings to a huge benefactor of medical and wellness cannabis products, it’s good to see Charlotte’s Web expanding in the future.


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