The internet is a stoner’s paradise. Endless information to complement your mental tangents. Videos of anything and everything. Pics. Gifs. Games. The Web can greatly enhance the experience of good bud.

But not every site is made equal in tokers’ eyes. Reading The New York Times or the Huffington Post when you’re stoned off your gourd could just kill your buzz. So what are the best weed websites, and what do they offer?

1. WeedMaps

Weedmap cannabis dispensary directory website

WeedMaps is one of the most useful stoner websites around. It provides detailed information about almost every known marijuana dispensary and delivery service in the country.

The site also gathers user reviews, which cover 25,000 types of pot, and gives star ratings of each provider. And there’s a “daily deal” bargain for cash-strapped users.

WeedMaps is one of the biggest weed websites on the web. Its mobile app outsells all other weed apps on both Google and the Apple Store. The site makes about $18 million each year, with about 2 million visitors.

2. Yo Dabba Dabba

Dabbing Website

Yo Dabba Dabba is a leading supplier of dabbing tools that keeps on the forefront of all the latest trends and innovations in the industry. But aside from providing high-quality dab tools, their website features loads of educational resource materials that teaches you everything you need to know about dabbing. Whether you’re completely new to dabs or you’ve been into concentrates for a while but are looking to up your game, they’ve got in-depth articles and videos that walk you through everything you need to know on your dabbing journey.  They’ve even got a Dab University course you can enrol in to take your dabbing game to pro status.

3. Marijuana and the Law

Marijuana and the law

Marijuana and the Law is the ultimate resource for learning about marijuana laws in the US. The site features detailed state-by-state breakdowns, informing you of everything you need to know about what’s legal, what’s not, and what the potential penalties are. It also includes information about what the medical marijuana rules are in each state, as well as in-depth resource articles about subjects including marijuana legalization, arrests and DUI laws.

4. High Times

High Times, as any stoner knows, is the premier magazine for the marijuana world. As one of the oldest stoner websites, it started in 1974 as a rebel humor publication and has grown into a major source of cannabis news.

This weed website features news articles, feature pieces, and videos geared toward stoned visitors. There are growing tips, buyers’ guides, and edible recipes, as well as information about the world’s best seed banks.


NORML - weed websites

This giant in the world of cannabis advocacy has been working to legalize the drug since 1970. After more than 40 years of frustration, the group is finally making major headway in the United States. offers voluminous information about marijuana policies and the industry in general. But the site’s biggest draw is its detailed explanations of federal and state pot laws.

6. Leafly 


Like Weedmaps, Leafly is a way to find local dispensaries, leave reviews, explore products, deals and specials, and find cannabis products in your area. However, Leafly is also an excellent resource for all things cannabis. Their most beloved feature is their in-depth strain profiles that cover scents, flavors, genetics, terpene profiles, potency levels, fun facts, and even grow guides for your favorite strains. However, the site offers much more than that. You can find information on practically everything you could ever want to know about cannabis or its effects along with relevant industry news and even entertaining articles and videos. 

7. Medical Jane 

medical jane

Medical Jane is a fantastic resource for exploring the health and wellness benefits of cannabis through a scientific lens. It offers in-depth information on the science of how cannabis works within our bodies and can help you explore different options for all sorts of different ills and ailments. If you’re a medical cannabis patient, Medical Jane is a fantastic way to learn more about your condition and how cannabis helps your body and soothes your symptoms. It offers a unique breakdown of all the various cannabinoids and terpenes that provide therapeutic effects within our bodies and even provides recipes for making more effective infusions for your unique needs. Aside from the resource side of the site, Medical Jane is also a directory that can help you find doctors, events, and industry professionals. Lastly, they offer news articles and reviews on all stoner essentials, from strains to desktop vaporizers. 

8. WikiLeaf 


The pinnacle of WikiLeaf’s service is to help cannabis users and medical marijuana patients alike compare prices of the storefronts and delivery services in their area. They also offer a ton of exciting and entertaining content, though. Here you can find podcasts covering everything from hip hop history to little-known facts that are sure to spark an interest in someone who’s already under the influence. They keep a close watch on the news and publish news stories daily. Best of all, the site can also be used to review dispensaries, strains, and products. WikiLeaf has become a huge community and informational resource for all things cannabis that are more than worth exploring. 

9. Marijuana Policy Project 


Marijuana Policy Project has been around since the early 1990s in a fight for marijuana policy reform in the United States. These days, they are the largest organisation dedicated to this cause and work every day to change the laws that have put so many people behind bars since the war on drugs policies took hold. The site hosts detailed information on local and state laws and offers tons of coverage on different topics, including criminal justice, decriminalization, economics, legalization, legislation, and medical marijuana. The site is also home to tons of articles surrounding these subjects, including podcasts, legislation updates, and press releases. Marijuana Policy Project makes it possible for people to learn about these different subjects and then find different ways to take action thanks to its events and donations. Definitely a good read if you’re interested in changing the face of cannabis in the US moving forward.

And that’s our list of the best websites for stoners. Are there any great stoner websites that should have made the list but haven’t? Let us know in the comments below.


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