Summer is a great time to be alive and the only things that can make the endless beach gatherings, backyard barbecues, and balmy nights even better are a stash of good buds and some cool tunes to set the mood. There are literally hundreds of chilled out tunes that make for the best stoner music, but these examples in particular stand out for their groovy vibes, and general air of summer chill.

“Yung Walter White”  by Marc Goone

One of the best things about Marc Goone is how he can combine almost brutal and painful self-awareness and outrageous nonsensical raps in the same tune. “Yung Walter White” is a perfect example, and in it, Goone showcases his breakneck precision flow and staunch individuality against a backdrop of slick beats. Although it all seems a bit too heady for summer on print, the tune melds smoothly and easily with the laid back groove of a summer day.


“Strictly 4 The Jeeps”  by Action Bronson

Straight out of Queens, New York, Action Bronson delivers a smooth, driving flow that is as suited to summer evening drives through the city streets as it is to chilling out in your crib. While the lyrics of many of his tunes may be a bit too graphic for some, there is no denying how well it manages to pull off the ‘summer chill’ vibe.


“Floats My Boat”  – Aer

Those looking for the best stoner music for summer chilling should look no further than Aer’s “Floats My Boat”. With a decidedly summery reggae-ish flavor, the tune nevertheless falls squarely into the chill rap category. Calling to mind memories of endless summer days doing absolutely nothing but hanging with your buds, “Floats My Boat” and many of Aer’s other tunes are hands down some of the best stoner music for reinforcing the good summer vibes.


“Loaded”  – G-Eazy

G-Eazy is one among the new breed of rappers who love their weed but don’t let it get in the way of getting things done. Apart from rapping, composing, and producing his own music, G-Eazy also recently managed to earn a college degree. In “Loaded”, G delivers his trademark New Orleans-flavored raps over a backdrop of quality beats by Young Gerald. The result is a top-notch track just perfect for a summer party.


“All Night Longer”  – Sam Adams

Noticeably more bro-tistic than the other selections on this page, “All Night Longer” by Sam Adams makes it easy to forget that the rapper was responsible for such banging head-nodders as “Boston’s Boy”. Although his newish pop sound may have alienated a lot of his early fans, enough of the swaggering bravado remains to make Adams still one of the top contenders in the summer chill stakes.


“Douchebag”  – Skizzy Mars

Every summer chillout needs a douchebag for contrast, and Skizzy Mars is always happy to oblige. In the appropriately named “Douchebag”, Mars lays down impeccable raps with the precision of a skilled surgeon. Combining blinding talent with a rough and ready sound slightly tempered by just the right touch of studio slick, Mars should be standard issue for any backyard barbecue or summer kegger.

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