XVape has cultivated a strong following in an oversaturated market for good reason: this brand creates affordable options that don’t skimp on quality. It’s clear in the thousands of positive reviews from happy customers praising the user experience.

With five years in the industry, is passionate about propelling the vape world forward with cutting-edge features and competitive pricing. Their diverse line-up of vaporizers for dry herb and concentrates, ranging from pocket vapes to powerful e-rigs, are a great fit for newbies and seasoned vapers alike.

Over the years we’ve tested tons of vapes, and we’re here to give you the cliffnotes on our experience with two products from XVape.

Vista Mini 2

E-rigs are without a doubt our favorite way to enjoy concentrates and the is at the top of its class for a seriously legit price. It’s the smallest on the market for easy dabs on the go, and its unique design sets it apart from others who are just dickriding the Peak. At only $159 this electronic bubbler is loaded with features, so let’s break down some of our favorites.

Vista Mini 2 XVape

Terp-tastic hits.

Easily remove and fill the borosilicate glass bubbler chamber with a small amount of water for super-smooth vapor that tastes delicious. Another feature that plays into flavor is the quartz bucket. Every dabber knows concentrates taste their best off quartz, so the engineers at XVape took that into consideration when creating a super unique pressure-fit atomizer with a kanthal wire heater that’s separate from the vapor path. Bonus points: the atomizer is affordable to replace and can handle 1ml of concentrates.

Wireless charging & powershare.

That’s right, folks: the future is here. This Vista Mini offers powershare charging with your mobile device and compatibility with wireless charging pads. A fully charged battery lasts up to 30 dabs.

Four temperature settings.

That low-temp life is (finally) easy to achieve with four temperature settings. Getting temps just right can be tricky, time consuming and wasteful when using a classic rig and torch, but now you can get it right with Vista’s color settings that let you know where you’re at. The Vista preheats in six seconds and vibrates when ready.

Full package.

The Vista Mini 2 comes with a high-quality smell-proof protective case ready to accompany you on all your adventures. The case has dedicated spots for all the included accessories that make its low price that much more appealing. The included starter kit contains cotton swabs and alcohol wipes for easy care, extra o-rings and gasket, a dabber, an extra atomizer and a USB charging cable.

Aria Dual-Use Vaporizer 

The is a pocket vape that balances fashion and function with a sleek design that features an isolated air path for ultimate flavor. This is our go-to for dry herb!

Aria Dual Use Vaporizer

Our favorite features of the Aria include:

Thoughtful design.

Do you even vape if you don’t drop it at least once a day? XVape has kept butterfingers in mind with vegan leather details and a durable metal frame that can withstand high impact. Plus, the process of packing and carrying the vape is smoother than most with industrial strength NIB magnets, and we love that there’s a built-in scrape tool that makes stirring and emptying on the go super easy.

Inside, a full ceramic conduction oven chamber with an oval design creates improved heat contact when compared to other vapes, and we could definitely taste the difference.

An all-inclusive package.

When you purchase the Aria, you score much more than just the vape. XVape includes extra accessories that make maintenance a breeze with pointed cotton swabs, alcohol pads, two mouthpiece covers, four spare mesh screens, a storage container and cleaning brush. The unit also includes a bong adapter made from ceramic that’s easy to clean. Just remove the magnetic mouthpiece, put the adapter in its place and attach any 14 mm or 19 mm dab nail.

Long-lasting battery power. 

There’s nothing worse than a dead vape when you’re on the go and in need of a pick-me-up. The 2600 (18650) MAH built-in chargeable micro USB pass-through battery gets you up to 20 sessions per charge. We recommend a full charge before your first use for optimum battery life.

Easy use and care. 

For the best experience, start with super-finely ground herb that’s packed down in the chamber. The Aria can hold about 0.3 grams. Pop the magnetic mouthpiece on and push the top button 3 times. The lower 2 buttons control temperature—we like to keep this vape under 230°F for dry herb with the best flavor. When the device vibrates you’ll know it’s ready to go (the Aria reaches the set temperature in 30 seconds).

Aria Vape

When you’re ready to pack another, grab that handy built-in tool to empty the chamber. We recommend wiping it out with a cotton swab daily or every couple uses to keep the vape hitting like a champ. With all the included accessories, maintenance is super easy to keep up. Whenever the mouth piece gets sticky, give it a soak in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes and wipe clean.

XVape backs their vapes with a one-year warranty.

XVape’s dedication to quality and style at an affordable price is definitely evident when using their products. The brand is all about their customers, and keeping up on the latest innovations to bring an elevated experience to all. With so many brands out there, exploring XVape products is definitely a win. We’re into it. 

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