WhiteWidow2Type: Hybrid.

Genetics: 60% indica, 40% sativa.

Appearance: White crystals give it a snowy look.

Smell: Strong weed smell here. This one won’t be easy to sneak around.

Potency: Extremely potent. If WW doesn’t seem super strong you likely didn’t get quality weed.

Taste: Depending on how it was grown you’ll either get smooth and very sweet, or harsh and no flavor at all.

Summary: White Widow is a very potent hybrid that will you a fantastic head-high mixed with a great body high.


White Widow might be one of the most popular strains ever. 60% South Indian indica mixed with 40% Brazilian sativa to present a relaxed, pain-relieving high that also stimulates the mind and adds the desire to be physically active. There aren’t a lot of negatives to think of here. Sure the smell is highly pungent, which makes discretion difficult, but there are weed connoisseurs out there that think a strong smell is a must in good weed.

Then there’s the taste. White Widow tends to start strong and smooth with sweet, fruity flavors at first, but very quickly it gets harsh and the taste vanishes. While this isn’t ideal it’s such a minor issue that it really doesn’t tarnish the legendary strain much. 5/5 stars, for sure.



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