The VapirRise is a state-of-the-art desktop vaporizer that raises the bar of all home-based vaporizer systems. Building on the success of the portable Vapir N02 Rechargeable Vaporizer, the VapirRise is taking a bold leap into next-generation desktop units. Right out of the box, the VapirRise evokes a futuristic aesthetic that is easy on the eyes and ends up being just as easy to operate.

VapirRise Features

Equipped with a touch pad temperature control system that heats in less than a minute, the VapirRise delivers clean and pure vapor courtesy of a built-in HEPA air filter. It’s perfect for balloon inflation or direct inhalation, and it can accommodate up to four people at once with an elegant attachment that’s included. The VapirRise also works fantastically well with the essential oils attachment.

VapirRiseLooks and Design

The digital readout and controls are backlit by a soft blue glow, giving the VapirRise a very post-modern look without appearing too esoteric to operate. There’s nothing clunky about the appearance or the operation of this vaporizer.


Features include:

  •  Multi-User Adapter allows vaporization with up to FOUR people at once!
  • Precise Touch Pad control system
  • Featured in both Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Quickly heats up in less than one minute
  • Fully functional with herbs and essential oils
  • Included Aromatherapy Essential Oil Cup
  • Ceramic heating element provides pure and fresh vapor
  • HEPA air filter assures only clean air is utilized to create pure vapor
  • Whisper quiet mechanism allows for tranquil vapor session and balloon inflation
  • Stainless steel construction through vapor path ensures pure flavor
  • More features & functionality than any other comparable vaporizer
  • Digital Display provides accurate temperature for maximum efficiency
  • Effortlessly vaporize with your choice of direct inhalation or balloon inflation

The Kit

For $249.99 you get herb and oil chambers, four different adapters, air filters and other awesome accessories.

The Verdict

With its’ whisper-quiet mechanism and stainless steel construction, the VapirRise looks and sounds as smooth as the vapor it delivers. This desktop unit delivers big in every way imaginable without delivering the big price of similar units. In a word, everything about the VapirRise is smooth.

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