The cannabis industry is always working towards revolutionizing and simplifying the way we use cannabis products. One of the newest technologies to hit the scene is the introduction of DabTabs, which come in hundreds of different consistencies and strains and allow for a perfect dab every time with little-to-no mess. In this Dab Tabs review, we cover everything you need to know about dablets and how they work.

What are Dab Tabs?

Essentially, Dab Tabs, also known as “dablets” are pre-measured full-spectrum dabs of cannabis concentrates. They’re encased in a small layer of a natural, mineral-based ceramic, and can be heated and dabbed in the casing instead of being removed.

Dab Tabs Review

They were first introduced by Oregon-based creator and manufacturer ilo Research, and contained wax. However, as more and more companies take an interest in this unique, eco-friendly technology, other producers are making live resin, hash rosin, distillate and sauce, shatter, cured resin, and wax options using the unique Dabtab technology. Each company has control over what kinds of concentrates end up in the dablets.

Each dablet contains 50mg of THC, CBD, or both, allowing for a perfect dab with no mess. Each dabtab offers about 3 big pulls from the rig, allowing for a healthy dose of cannabinoids for symptom management. Best of all, it fits in most vaporizers and dab rigs, allowing for easy medicating on the go.

Why use Dab Tabs?

If you’re asking yourself “okay… but why?”, you’re not alone. While Dab Tabs may seem a little wasteful or gimmicky, they actually help improve the dabbing experience quite a lot. The main problems DabTabs were created to address were some of the biggest hassles involved with dabbing, including the mess, the inconsistent dosing and the dreaded dab-lost-to-the-carpet.

Each Dabtab is premade to contain an even 50mg of THC, CBD, or both. This allows for a more consistent dose for medical patients, allowing for a revolutionary medical cannabis experience. Its unique design makes DabTabs easy to transport for on-the-go medicating, and can be used in just about any vaporizer chamber or dab rig that can fit its small size. The creator of the Dabtab (ilo Research) proudly says “If it fits, it hits!” when talking about how many products are compatible with the DabTabs.

DabTabs Review

Most excitingly though is that DabTabs make it easy to avoid the mess associated with dabbing. Traditional dabbing is a lot of work that requires a lot of cleanup afterwards to keep your rig fresh and your nail healthy. Since each one comes in its own little ceramic “pod”, the mess is contained to one area. The dablets turn black when they’re empty and can be recycled or thrown away. Best of all, the ceramic “pod” protects the dab inside from accidental drops or spills, so you’ll never lose a dab to the carpet or the dirty floor ever again. All you have to do is wipe it off and it’s good to go for dabbing.

How to use DabTabs

DabTabs are pretty easy and exciting to use. However, they taste and work the best when you use the cold-start method to dab them. To use them, simply place one in your nail or banger, apply heat for 15 seconds or until it begins to vaporize, and hit it! When it’s all gone, the dabtab will turn black. From there, simply remove it with a pair of tweezers and discard.

how to use dabtabs

If you’re worried about the impact on the environment that they may have, have no fear. The ceramic Dabtab cases can be removed and recycled through the company’s “Go Green” program at participating dispensary retailers. However, if they end up in the trash, that’s okay too. They can be repurposed as a soil amendment similar to perlite, which is incredible! The cannabis industry produces a lot of plastic waste, and eco-friendly products like this make it easy to be conscious of the earth while still allowing you to medicate.

All in all, DabTabs are changing the way we consume cannabis concentrates. ilo Reseach currently has partnerships with dispensaries in 11 different states, including Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Maine as well as some international countries like Germany and Japan. Be sure to ask for them the next time you stop into the dispensary!


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