California has long been on the forefront of cannabis culture, but there’s still a bit of a disconnect. Like almost everywhere else in the USA, cities in Cali started banning public smoking years ago. That’s made it a bit of a problem for weed smokers who can legally buy, but not consume, their goodies in bars or hotels. Also, cannabis legalization doesn’t mean dispensaries immediately opened everywhere. While it’s easy to find a dispensary in Los Angeles, not every part of town offers recreational marijuana or cultivation. One of those places is Santa Monica, but a partnership between a delivery service and a hotel in this picturesque portion of the L.A. means guests no longer have to go without. That’s right, weed delivery has arrived for hotel guests.

Pot tourists can breathe easy, but they can’t inhale their wares on hotel grounds. Again, that’s because Santa Monica, along with the rest of L.A., banned smoking in bars ages ago. Instead, guests can enjoy edibles. Even vaping is prohibited! Until more spaces like this cannabis cafe open up, it could prove difficult for smokers to find a place to toke in the city of angels. But that’s not the exciting news. The good news is that weed delivery, which has been around for a while, is gaining acceptance. A legit business partnership means a reputable source of cannabis for guests.

The way it works is that Eaze Hospitality and Recreational Embassy and Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica have teamed up to offer guests a menu of cannabis and hemp products for in-room enjoyment. These are edibles and other non-inhaled products, like a CBD-infused bath bomb. Keep in mind the hotel and Eaze are targeting the affluent, luxury travel market segment. These are premium services to be sure. Recreational Embassy specializes in “cannabis and hemp solutions for the luxury hospitality market” and is focusing on bringing more cannabis and hotel companies together. If you think about how much more expensive food is when you order room service, you can likely imagine the markups on cannabis health products.

Eaze wants to be your delivery choice for cannabis and hemp, and the company says it connects producers and consumers. Of course, delivery isn’t legal everywhere, but the company will ship CBD products across the country. In some ways, Eaze wants to be the Amazon of weed. But the company is also offering “concierge” services at the Fairmont. As it says in a press release, “features include a concierge service that serves as a resource for guests’ questions and supports a positive cannabis experience.” Again, you’ll be paying premium for this luxury encounter. But it’s worth it if the tide keeps turning towards full legalization across the country.


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