Da-Vinci-AscentThere are plenty of good vapes on the market, including some very good portable models. But some are better than others.

The Da Vinci Ascent portable vaporizer is definitely one of the better models. It looks like a small medical device, it has tons of features, and it produces a lovely taste and aroma.

At $249, the Ascent is definitely a high-end device. But you get plenty of bang for your buck, and it vaporizes both dried herb and cannabis oils. All in all, it’s one of the best vapes available.

Looks and Design

You could easily pass the Ascent off as a medical device, but it’s too big to fool anyone into thinking it’s a cell phone.

The machine is almost a work of art. It’s compact, it’s relatively convenient, and it makes it possible to tweak the temperature and other settings of your vaporizer.

To use it, you simply swivel out the bottom portion of the device, fill the bowl with ground weed, swivel the bottom back into place, turn the machine on to the pre-set temperature, and start vaping from the oval mouthpiece. If you prefer to smoke a concentrate, simply fill one of the glass oilcans, seal it, and insert it into the bowl.

Vaporizer Functionality

The Ascent isn’t exactly the easiest vaporizer to figure out. There are just three buttons, and that can make it hard to adjust the settings. Still, it produces a tasty, barely noticeable vapor. If you need to see the vapor to know it’s there, this device may not be for you.

The Da Vinci Ascent Kit

The Ascent comes with a number of accessories, all of which can improve the experience. There’s a carrying bag, an extra glass tube for the mouthpiece, an extra glass straw for inside the vape, two oilcans with seals, plastic caps for the mouthpiece, a pick for pulling out the mouascent-vaporizerthpiece, and a wall charger.

The Verdict

Though it isn’t perfect, you could do much worse than the Ascent. All in all we give the Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer 4 stars.  Other models are somewhat easier to use, and it’s hard to make the Ascent create a visible vapor cloud. But these problems are small by comparison to the benefits.

The ability to set a wide range of temperatures is a major plus, as is the look and feel of this vape. It’s definitely one of the best out there.

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Check out the full line of Da Vinici Vaporizers.

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