Thinking of throwing out your current dabbing rig for that brand spanking new model that’s just hit the shelves? You might want to hold off on that for a moment until you’ve found out more about the Quartz Banger Nail. In a market saturated with an assortment of gadgets of various types, this innovative device offers an outstanding blend of features and functionality that truly stand out. In fact, with everything that the Quartz Banger Nail has going for it, you just might be convinced to hold on to your current rig for a while longer.

The Quartz Banger Nail is a domeless nail crafted from, as its name suggests, high-quality quartz. It comes in the following sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, making it suitable for a wide variety of rigs. And you will definitely want to fit your current rig with one of these, as one of its key benefits is the ability to actually make your rig last longer.

Innovative bent design

QUARTZ BANGERFrom first glance, it immediately becomes apparent that a great deal of thought went into designing the Quartz Banger Nail. The female joint fits neatly over any male joint, providing a totally snug fit and ensuring superb performance. The glass tube itself is bent, which means that heat is directed away from the rig. This feature is particularly valuable for reducing heat stress and preventing cracking around the joints, adding to the life of the device.

There are even more design features that make the Quartz Banger Nail an excellent add-on to any rig. The nail itself is crafted with an open dish design, giving you a convenient platform on which to vaporize oils and concentrates. This design feature also prevents the direct application of heat on the joint, preventing premature breakage due to heat stress. Considering that the nail is made from virtually unbreakable quartz, the Quartz Banger Nail could very easily last the lifetime of your rig.

Durable quartz construction

Even if the quartz construction didn’t result in a totally reliable dabbing rig, you would probably consider the Quartz Banger Nail just for the quality of the smoke that you get. Apart from being strong and durable, quartz retains heat remarkably well, ensuring a smoother and more satisfactory experience. Quartz also doesn’t impart any unpalatable smells or flavors to the smoke, unlike many titanium nails. Furthermore, quartz nails are amazingly easy to clean, so you can be sure that your Banger Nail will always be nice and shiny.

For most people with a dabbing rig, the quality of its performance is the foremost consideration, with the build construction coming in close behind. The Quartz Banger Nail fills both those requirements admirably, and its ease of use and versatility add even more value to the package. If you want to squeeze a little bit more performance out of your current rig, the Quartz Banger Nail is a great choice.


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