Everybody needs a good banger. Regardless of what your rig looks like, your banger can make or break your whole smoke sesh. If you’re on the hunt for a good one, you can breathe easy because we’ve already done all the hard work and research for you. After trying dozens of different bangers and styles from countless different companies, we’ve settled on Yo Dabba Dabba as our top choice. Below is our review of their company and their massive selection of high-quality quartz bangers.

Introducing Yo Dabba Dabba 

Yo Dabba Dabba was launched by the team behind wholesale smoke shop company NHM Distributing in 2009. They wanted to bring something higher quality to their customers and provide plenty of resources to make dabbing a less stigmatized practice and a more accessible experience for everyone. So they spent a while on research and development and quickly became the leading US-based company for dab equipment and educational materials. On their store you can find everything: high-quality dabbing equipment, tools, rigs, bangers, carb caps, e-nails, terp pearls, inserts, storage containers, and lots of other accessories.

Everything they make is impressive to say the least. A lot of accessories at these affordable prices are sourced from other countries and made poorly, but these are well-made and fitted perfectly. They only use extremely high-quality glass, quartz and other materials that stand up to the pressure of repeated use. More importantly though, there’s always something new and improved in their online store. The company is constantly designing and innovating, and they were one of the first to offer an improved terp slurp banger design after JP Toro invented it.

Quartz Banger Styles 

There are a lot of different styles out there when it comes to quartz bangers. Yo Dabba Dabba keeps up with all of the latest trends and innovations in the industry, so no matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it on their website. Below are a few of the best dab nail styles and how they work.

Opaque bottom banger

opaque bottom banger
Opaque-bottom Banger

Opaque bottom bangers are quartz bangers with a porous, white bottom that makes for better heat retention and quicker heat up times. They look great on any rig and contrast nicely with the quartz. They can also be used with accessories like terp pearls and inserts.

Round bottom banger

round bottom banger
Round-Bottom Quartz Banger

Round bottom bangers are by far the least wasteful quartz buckets out there. They are smooth and don’t have any crevasses or edges, making them easier to heat more evenly and prevent oils from not being completely vaporized. They can also be used with accessories like terp pearls.

Flat top banger

25mm flat top banger
25mm Flat Top Banger

Flat top bangers are perfectly flush at the top which allows you to place your carb cap on without having to worry about it sliding off if you take your hand away from it. They help with air pressure so that you can get better hits with whichever carb cap you’re using. They can be used with most carb caps and with accessories like inserts and terp pearls.

Seamless banger

seamless quartz banger
Seamless Banger

Seamless — Seamless bangers are flat top bangers that feature a beveled lip which improves the seal between the banger and the carb cap. More importantly, they also have a seamless intersection between the neck and the bucket, which makes the banger more durable than others that have a seam in this area. They’re less prone to fractures and come in many different styles. Best of all, they can be used with many different carb caps and accessories like terp pearls and inserts.

Slurp banger

seamless terp slurper
Slurp Banger

Slurp bangers, also known as terp slurps or terp slurpers are one of the latest innovations in dab tech. They’re used a bit differently than ordinary bangers and feature other working parts, like terp pearls, valves, and carb caps to ensure even vaporization. The nail is heated and the concentrate is applied to the dish at the bottom where it is sucked into the nail through small holes before being fully vaporized with minimal waste. They can be used with many carb caps and terp pearls, but will also require a valve.

Joint Angles and Sizes 

Regardless of the type of dab rig you use, Yo Dabba Dabba has you covered. Their quartz bangers are fitted perfectly to work with every rig and style, ensuring precise measurements and fittings. They offer male and female bangers in sizes ranging from 10mm to 30mm. They also offer a large selection of bangers with 90-degree joints and 45-degree joints.

Male vs. Female: Depending on the type of rig you have, you’ll want to make sure you have the opposite for your banger. If you have a male joint on your rig, you’ll want a female banger which will slide over the top of the male joint on your rig. Female bangers are nice, but they do tend to get sticker than males. Alternatively, if you have a rig with a female joint, you’ll want to get a male banger that will slide into the female opening.

Joint sizes: Once you determine if you need a male or a female banger, the next step is to measure the size of the opening on your rig. The most common joint sizes on rigs are 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm. A 19mm joint is about the size of a dime. However, the joint on your rig could be larger. Always measure your rig with a ruler to make sure you’re getting the right size banger. The size of your rig will tell you the size of the banger you’ll need. For example, if you have a banger with a 10mm joint, you will need a 10mm banger.  Check out Yo Dabba Dabba’s joint size guide for more info.

dab nail joint size guide

90 vs. 45-degree angles: Rigs come in two styles: 90° and 45°. If the joint on your rig is slanted at an angle, you will need a 45° banger so that you can still dab on a flat surface. This allows you to evenly distribute the concentrates you apply to the nail. On the other hand, if your rig has a vertical joint (AKA 0 degrees), you’ll want a 90° banger. The angle on your banger and on the rig itself should add up to 90 degrees.

At the end of the day, there’s a lot to love about Yo Dabba Dabba’s extensive selection of quartz bangers. They’re fitted precisely, look great with any rig, and are made with durable, high quality materials. The next time you’re in the market for an affordable banger that actually works, be sure to check them out.

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