Now that the weather’s warming up, it’s almost time for us to get back to socializing and having fun. When it comes to stoners, there’s one thing on our mind: 420-friendly get togethers. With that said, we’re excited to announce our May giveaway, which is brought to you in collaboration with . For the social heads out there, we’re giving away their incredible Typhoon Glass Hookah, which is perfect for puffing and passing with friends at every function you might turn up at this summer.

The heads at Chameleon Glass are best known for their beautifully designed glass pieces that are functional works of art. The Typhoon is a limited edition production in collaboration with ST1 Glass, which is based in Humboldt California. There are only five of these bad boys in existence, and there will never be more. This is truly a collectors item that is sure to turn heads wherever you go, and one lucky winner will be taking one home for free in this month’s giveaway.

hookah giveaway

The Typhoon Hoohah is fitted precisely with a 45mm ground joint that comes pre-fit with a diffused downstem that contains 12 handblown holes, offering the best filtration and cooling that you’re going to find on glass this size. You’ll also find six Typhonic Venturis which help cool, filter and smooth the smoke out as it rises in the chamber. It comes with three heady 19mm hose ports and a 19mm bowl port, but more importantly, it also features a large format funnel bowl that can be used with many other Chameleon accessories, such as Shisha and Puck or a Phat Bowl of Green.

This little beauty checks in at 22” tall and 7” wide, weighing only 2.5 lbs. It’s made with 44×4 Clear Schott Borosilicate and it comes with two 19mm port plugs that allow you to use the hookah individually or with friends. We love its simple and colorful design as it looks good on any tabletop in any setting. You also really can’t beat the crushed red velvet sleeves and clear borosilicate mouthpieces that give it a regal and elegant feel.

We’re super excited to give one of these away, and we hope you’re excited to win one. If you keep up with glass trends, you know how big this collaboration is. And if you don’t, trust us — you’re going to be turning heads when you whip this bad boy out. Below are a few ways to toss your name into the ring to enter and win and get ready for a supremely refined smoke sesh alone or with friends all summer long.

How to enter and win 

Entering is easy and there are lots of ways to do it. Head on over to our giveaway page to check out all of the options, or check out the brief overview below. Just keep in mind, you’ve gotta be at least 21 to win. You’re also going to need a US address and a valid email address for us to let you know when you win. Good luck, and keep an eye out for the winner announcement at the end of this month!

Chameleon Glass Giveaway!



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