If you are looking for the state-of-the-art in grinder technology, Phoenician Engineering’s innovative new offering is definitely worth a closer look. Boasting high-quality materials, precision components and impeccable craftsmanship, Phoenician Engineering’s new product is grinder perfection exemplified.

Despite its emphasis on innovation and precision, Phoenician Engineering is a remarkably straightforward and easy-to-operate device. Unlike most other products designed for total functionality – and with the feature set to match – the Phoenician Engineering grinder is a marvel of simplicity and elegance. Designed specifically for use by medical cannabis patients, Phoenician Engineering’s new grinder is quite possibly the easiest grinder to operate on the market.

phoenical engineeringOne of the things that make the new grinder so easy to use is the innovative lobe-grip design that provides superior grip and comfort. Unlike other models that feature a knurl-type grip, Phoenician Engineering’s grinder also provides superb structural support. The lobe-grip also gives the grinder a clean and slick ultramodern look.

Further reinforcing the modernistic appearance of the grinder is the hand-finished exterior. Anodized with a fine, burr- and blemish-free finish, the grinder’s exterior is extremely durable and resistant to scratching and wear and tear. With most quality steelwork, the standard surface finish is rated at 63 RMS. In contrast, the Phoenician Engineering grinder features a surface finish rating of 32 RMS, or even better. This should give you an idea of the excellence of the this grinder’s finish.

More that just aesthetics

Phoenical engineering1An impressive appearance is one thing, but Phoenician Engineering’s grinder offers more than just good looks. Even with a fairly drab design – which it definitely does not have – the grinder would still make an excellent deal due to its precision performance. The finely-crafted grinding teeth system (patent pending) has been redesigned from the ground up to provide flawless performance. With about half as many teeth as the typical grinder, Phoenician Engineering’s device allows the herb to be ground up without the user having to exert too much pressure. This results in the perfect consistency without the effort.

The company’s precision craftsmanship also extends into the interior of the device. The fall-through holes are cut through in a triangular shape, enhancing the grinder’s performance even further. The holes also reinforce the visual design of the unit, resulting in the ideal blend of form and function.

Ingenious lock design

Another innovative feature of the Phoenician Engineering grinder is the innovative lock design. A first in the high-end grinder market, the lock does not actually have any threads, and instead works via a system of locking/unlocking notches. This unique design prevents cross treading and galling, as well as the accumulation of herb material on threaded surfaces. Apart from enhancing efficiency and ease of use, this design also greatly adds to the longevity of the Phoenician Engineering grinder.

With so many grinders on the market offering sufficiently passable performance, it can be difficult for a particular brand to stand out. Phoenician Engineering’s new grinder is, however, so much more than just the average grinder, and its winning combination of looks, performance, and features make it one of the best grinders going around in today’s precision grinder market.


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