Every once in a while a truly exceptional brand comes along, and when that happens we gotta spread the word. We recently discovered Mystic Timber, a New Jersey based accessory company taking the dab game to the next level with their functional-art style products. Made with high-quality materials and sustainably sourced from hardwood found around the globe, no two pieces are alike.

Get to know the heads behind Mystic Timber 

Mystic Timber is a company founded by longtime cannabis advocates who have been making a splash in the industry since the 1960s. Founded by husband and wife duo Deb and Bruce Jorgensen, the company was a passion project brought to life to help make cannabis products more accessible.

Deb and Bruce Jorgensen Mystic Timber
Deb and Bruce Jorgensen, founders of family-run Mystic Timber

Bruce, better known as an ex-High Times Magazine radical cartoonist by the name of “Jorgy”, designed the first Mystic Timber tool to help a friend take back some smoking independence after becoming mostly paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. But between the functional design and his love for woodworking and improving upon the original concept, he helped Mystic Timber grew into something different. He now designs the entire Mystic Timber product line, and has trained a handful of artisans to craft his designs.

On the other hand is Deb, who is a marketing genius. She spent the first portion of her career as a professional graphic designer, and now manages marketing, promotions and sales at Mystic Timber. Together, this dynamic duo have brought functional smoking accessories to the market that are made sustainable, look beautiful, and won’t roll away while you’re trying to use them.

Why we love Mystic Timber 

Functionality is always key with smoking accessories, but it’s always a huge bonus when the design is rugged and sexy to boot. Everything under the Mystic Tree umbrella is made and sourced sustainably in the USA using hardwood from Central America, North America, and Africa. With natural and sustainable vibes, it’s easy to become attached to every piece you add to your collection. They celebrate knots, whorls, and spalting and finish each product with all-natural wax that ensures safe and clean products.

Aside from aesthetics, Mystic Timber products last practically forever. Each one features metal components made from durable T2 Titanium or nickel-plated stainless steel and are made to work as hard as you do. Their proprietary design makes it so that you can always maintain a good grip on your tools and prevent burns, but also so that they won’t roll away or gunk up the table near your setup.

Mystic Timber’s products and deals 

The most exciting thing about Mystic Timber is that they take care of their customers. All of their elegantly-designed tools feature natural wood and sturdy metals, meant to be the last tools you ever buy. Best of all, they’re always offering specials on their website. For example, you can currently save on the Mystic Timber TreeStand and on their Peace Polish Wax. You can find everything from dab tool and roach clips to carb caps and other accessories, which we’ve briefly outlined below.


Mystic Timber Dabbers
Mystic Timber Dabbers

Mystic Timber dabbers, or better known as dab wands, come in all different shapes and sizes, featuring a different tip for concentrates in every consistency under the sun. Each one has a beveled, sanded grip for your comfort and can be designed with 6 different hardwoods. Thanks to the thick, flat-sided design, it won’t roll away or leave any stickiness on your table.

Roach clips

Mystic Timber Roach Clips
Mystic Timber Roach Clips

A roach clip is a true essential for anyone who prefers smoking joints or blunts. Mystic Timber roach clips are made with different pieces of wood and tipped with nickel-plated stainless steel clips. Like all their other products, these rugged clips are all completely different from one another and can help protect your lips and fingers from the heat of your favorite rolls.

Carb Caps

Mystic Timber Carb Caps
Mystic Timber Carb Caps

Mystic Timber’s carb caps are one of a kind. Featuring a puck multi-tool design, they’re the first and only of their kind to hit the scene. Featuring a 1” flat side for dabbing and a graduated domed carb, the Mystic Timber puck cap can be used with any dab nail up to 25mm wide. Best of all, it’s perfect for use with all of your favorite accessories, including inserts and terp pearls, thanks to its 45° angled vent hole.

Functional Accessories

Accessories can really be game changers for the comfort and function of your dabbing setup. Take the TreeStand, for example. This functional art piece can hold Mystic Timber tools as well as reducers, bangers, and other dabbing equipment that would otherwise be in the way or rolling off the table at any given moment. We also love their Peace Wax, which is used to preserve the beauty of your tools and keep them functioning their best for years to come.

At the end of the day, Mystic Timber found the perfect way to mesh functionality with form. Between their incredible no-roll design, and beautiful sustainable products, Mystic Timber has quickly become one of our favorite brands. If you’ve tried Mystic Timber, what did you think?

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