It’s time to learn to roll up a big smoke, a 12-gauge shotgun shell so-called for its obvious relation to the real thing. This cigar-like joint has a special section for you to hold, and is formed up with a big marker to ensure it’s big enough to hold the large amount of weed you’ll be packing in this thing.

How to roll a shotgun joint

What you’ll need

  • 1.5 size rolling papers
  • Marker pen or something similar in shape
  • Filter tips


  1. Start with some good, 1.5 size papers. Stick with a high-quality rolling paper that will smoke slow and even. You can also use king-size RAW papers (not slim), but you’ll end up with a better end result if you use 1.5 width papers.

How to roll a shotgun shell joint

2. Take a big marker pen (or something similar in shape) and wrap the paper around it. Lick the gum and stick it down to create a perfectly cylindrical shape. Carefully slide the rolled paper off the marker.

Rolling a shotgun shell joint

3. Take a filter tip (or 2 stuck together with gum) and roll it into a cylinder the same diameter as your paper shell. Slide the filter tip into the end of the paper.

Shotgun Shell Joint

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Joint

5. Carefully pack your weed into the empty shell. Use the end of a pen or something similar to tamp the cannabis down as you put it in.

How to roll a 12 gauge shotgun shell joint

6. Pack it tightly all the way to the top, tamping it so the ground weed doesn’t fall out. While you do want the weed snug, careful not to make it too tight that you can’t pull on it. It’s almost impossible to pack it too snugly, luckily, and it’s actually easier to do that with a typical joint.

how to roll a shotgun shell blunt

Shotgun Shell Blunt

7. Like a cigar, light across the surface on the end, waving back and forth and puffing until you have it evenly lit across the surface so it doesn’t run.

Check out the video from RAW for a complete how-to.

Rolling a shotgun shell with a cannagar mold

You can also make the process a lot easier by rolling your 12 gauge shotgun shell with the help of a Cannagar Mold from Purple Rose Supply.  Their small size is perfect for rolling a shotgun shell just like this. Simply pack in your weed, form the perfect shape and roll it up in a paper of blunt wrap. shotgun shell cannagar mold

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