Medicali bubbler

Medicali is a California-based glass art company known for producing cutting-edge smoking technology, made exclusively from top-quality German Boro Glass. The company provides a broad selection of water pipes, ash catchers, bowls and downstems, but this review will focus on Medicali bubblers.

Looks and Design

This is another premium glass bubbler brought to you by the great people at Medicali. This company has been making glass pieces for some time and offers a variety of products. This particular piece is made from top-quality glass and is emboldened with the recognizable Medicali logo in several places. The main chamber is straight leading up to a curved mouthpiece and a bowl to load your herb on the top. Overall, there isn’t much to say when it comes to the looks and design of this particular Medicali bubbler, the device shines in its functionality.


When it comes down to smoking your buds, this Medicali bubbler is a truly functional piece. However, the glass does become tinted with smoke over time, making it appear less than appealing. Another sore point is that it can be difficult to clean these bubblers, especially the neck of the device. Hitting the piece, however, is really straightforward, and provides the user with a consistently excellent hit. If you are wanting to get the job done quickly, with as few hits as possible, consider looking into this device.


Coming in at a cost of $199.99 you are definitely paying for the craftsmanship that is available only from MediCali glass. The quality that goes into making this piece is second to none, just like all the other products made by the company. The relatively high cost is understandable considering the reputation and experience of the company.

The Verdict

A great bubbler for those people willing to dish out the money to invest in a quality piece and with the time to keep it looking clean and pristine. While the mouthpiece does make it somewhat difficult to clean, it is not impossible to do with the right tools. For the amount that you end up dishing out for this premium bubbler and the difficulty in maintaining it, we have given it a rating of 3/5.


It is very important when researching any item to make sure that you are getting a quality, unbiased review that points out both negative and positive aspects of the product. At, we take the extra time to add the details you need in order to form an accurate opinion of the product we are reviewing. Our Medicali bubbler review is unbiased and based on facts as well as our opinion.

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