Type: IndicaMars OG Strain
Speculated to be a Fire OG phenotype; however, genetics on this strain have yet to be confirmed
Appearance: Deep green buds with brilliant orange hairs and a slight gold shimmer
Smell: Smells like OG Kush with a very powerful “hashy” aroma when exhaling
Potency: Very powerful
Taste: This strain has a very thick classic OG Kush flavor

Summary: If you are someone who is constantly experiencing pains and aches to the point where you need something to knock you out for a while, then this is the strain to do the job. You will experience results within a couple of minutes and then enter a euphoric state of relaxation to the point of feeling extremely tired.

The Lowdown

Mars OG StrainWhen it comes to a heavy hash smell and thick smoke, this pot is going to be the ultimate weed selection. Mars OG tastes just like OG Kush, a common favorite of smokers around the world. If you’re looking for an “old faithful” strain, then this is it. The buds are a deep, dark green and the small bright gold hairs make the buds look like they are shimming in the light.

Distinctive characteristicsMars OG has a very distinct look, smell, and taste. There is a particularly high ratio of flowers to leaves, making it a preferred strain for many growers. It is this high concentration of flowers which makes for such a potent high. Smoking the buds creates a thick smoke, deep aroma, and rich flavor that closely mimics that of OG Kush.

Powerful pain-reliever – Mars OG is capable of relieving aches and chronic pain for medical marijuana patients, but there are also a number of side effects. Patients have reported feeling euphoric, happy, hungry, relaxed, and sleepy after consuming the strain. If you are someone who suffers from ongoing depression or anxiety, this strain could help to give you the right mixture of relaxation and positive energy to handle life’s challenges a little more easily.

In conclusion, Mars OG seems to tick all the boxes. It has a pungent and unique smell and taste, and the deep green buds just look good. And as a popular pain-relieving strain among medical marijuana patients, we’ve given it a score of 4/5.


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