Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot more to shake than meets the eye. Shake weed is a great way to enjoy pre-rolls, edibles and bowls. And no — it’s no less quality than the weed you buy at the dispensary. Read on to learn more about weed shake, how to use it, and why you’ll love it.

What is weed shake? 

Simply put, shake is just nugs of weed that break down from natural handling. If you handle the bag you keep your weed in a lot, some of it is gonna dry out a bit and flake off. The weed particles that end up at the bottom of your bag is called shake. Trichomes and weed particles both end up at the bottom of the bag, so even if it can’t pack into a bowl comfortably, it can still be a potent way to enjoy pre-rolls or edibles.

Pros and cons of marijuana shake 

Like every other form of weed, shake comes with its own pros and cons.

weed shake

Starting with the pros, people love shake sicne it tends to offer a more mellow buzz. Depending on how it was collected, it can either be more potent or less potent than the flower it fell off of. But if it’s on the less potent side, it feels a lot more mellow. Alternatively, if it’s higher, it might also leave you feeling super zen depening on the strain. Shake can also be used for rolling your own joints or making homemade edibles without the extra step of grinding your weed since that step is already done for you.

As for the cons, shake may contain stems and seeds that you have to pick out. If you save your shake in a big stash jar, you’re also mixing a ton of different strains together which won’t leave you with the most balanced experience at the end of the day. Lastly, it’s just considered budget weed — mostly because its dry and fell off the primo cuts, AKA the buds themselves.

How to use weed shake 

Shake can be used in many different ways since it’s just ordinary weed. It might already be ground up, but that can be a saving grace in a few different situations. Here are the top ways to use shake:

Roll it into joints 

There is no better use for shake weed than to spend a couple hours rolling it into joints. All you need is a rolling tray, your shake, a rolling machine, and some papers. Make a couple of crutches, throw on your favorite TV show or music, and roll as many joints as you can. You can save those joints (or blunts) for dry spells, and rolling might help keep them fresher.

Pack it into bowls 

Shake weed can be used in bowls, too. It might be a little bit fine, so it may burn a little funky. But if you have a large enough piece of weed to plug the bottom of your bowl, you can top it with shake and smoke away. The grinding step is pretty much already done, so all you need is that chunky piece to prevent you from sucking the whole bowl into your bong and getting scoobs.

Use it to make edibles

Wondering how to make edibles with shake? It’s actually easier than it would be with whole flowers since the grinding step is already done for you. All you have to do is lay it on a baking sheet and put it in the oven to decarboxylate it and activate the THC. From there you just infuse it to a fat, like butter or cooking oil. Then you can use it in pretty much any recipe you’d like. We wrote a complete guide to making edibles recently, check it out here.


If you’re just here to get the answers to a few of your most burning questions, start with our frequently asked questions.

Can you buy marijuana shake? 

You sure can! Many dispensaries offer shake at a huge discount, which is great if you want to roll your own joints or make your own edibles without taking the extra time to break the buds down.

Is shake the same as kief? 

No, shake weed is loose cannabis flower that has been separated from the buds. It may have more kief than regular buds since it collects at the bottom of a bag in the same way, but shake is just broken down flower.

Is shake stronger than nugs? 

Scientifically speaking, no. However, if you collected your shake from the bottom of a bag of flowers, the kief that fell of of them may have collected in the same place as the shake, meaning you might be getting more THC.

Is shake cheaper than flower? 

Yep! Weed Shake tends to dry out faster than flowers. More importantly, it already fell off of the flowers. With that being said, it’s considered a lower-grade product even if it feels more potent. An ounce of shake can be as cheap as $30.

What’s the difference between shake and trim? 

While some dispensaries sell shake and trim as the same product, they’re two different things. Trim is made up of the leaves and stems of flowers, so it’s significantly less potent than shake and not fit for smoking. It can be used to make low-potency edibles, but shouldn’t be smoked. Alternatively, cannabis shake is just dry cured cannabis flower along with extra trichomes from the bag. It can be smoked and used to make potent edibles.

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