Pipes come and pipes go. Some last longer than others, but most are cheap, replaceable, and forgettable. Aside from that favorite glass bong, the average stoner could do with any old bowl.

But there are definitely a few that stand out from the crowd. Whether by appearance, ease of use, or just the way they feel in your hand, these pieces are a cut above the rest.

Such is the case with Celebration Pipes and its line of high-end cannabis spoons. The Hawaii-based company touts these pipes as “The Gold Standard,” and they’re not far off. Plated in 22-karat gold, they’re guaranteed to make any middle class stoner feel rich.

What are Celebration Pipes made from?

The base of each pipe is made from a special ceramic composite that mimics stone. The bowl is artfully designed with strands of gold plating – or, in the more expensive models, full plating. It’s not enough gold for a fake tooth, but it’s definitely enough to give this pipe some real class. As an added bonus, the precious metal reflects heat, ensuring a more complete burn.

Celebration Pipe
Gold Tipped Celebration Pipe

A simple screen filter keeps cannabis from falling into the base. Most glass and ceramic spoons – the low-end ones, at any rate – use a narrow hole instead, but the screen allows more air to get through, making for a cleaner, faster, smoother draw. It’s also relatively easy to keep your bowl lit even if you don’t pack it perfectly, a selling point for newcomers or part-timers who want to make a splashy purchase.

Are Celebration Pipes worth the cost?

And this is splashy. Pricey, too. The company’s line includes 10 spoons, most selling at retail for $109; the costliest is $275 and features much more gold plating. Obviously, these pipes may not be the best choice for a day at the beach or anywhere else you might get butterfingers.

Celebration Pipes - Lapis Lazuli

That said, you couldn’t do much better for a quality piece of marijuana paraphernalia, one that’s worthy of a real collection. Every serious stoner should have at least one serious piece, and Celebration Pipes are a solid choice. Handcrafted and signed by its creator, each spoon is a unique work of art.

Celebration Pipes also sells some limited accessories and Kleen Green Gold, an organic cleaning solution for pipes and other smoking items. It’s an open debate whether such products are any better than rubbing alcohol and salt, but this line may appeal to environmentally conscious potheads.

The real draw, though, is the custom pipes. The holidays are over, but it’s never too late to give your favorite toker a piece to treasure. Or you could just be selfish and get one for yourself. Either way, you really can’t go wrong.


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