Official Review – Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer has quickly become the most popular Portable Vaporizer on the market today. Instead of using unreliable heat sources like butane, the Magic Flight utilizes alkaline batteries for what the manufacturer calls, “truly a spectacular vaporizing experience.” This unit is designed for complete portability, requiring no cords or plugs. This compact vaporizer is small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand or conveniently inside your pocket.

Looks and Design

The Launch Box is made of wood (typically maple) and has four holes: the “draw” hole (the hole you smoke from), a carb (vent, to adjust vapor/air mixture), a hole for the battery, and a hole for the material chamber, which is covered by a clear acrylic piece and attached with a small stainless steel pin. The wood is hand-crafted, and the heating element reaches vaporizing temperatures within 5 seconds, something very few other vaporizers can attest to. The Launch Box is very sturdy, and the acrylic cover is attached with a stainless steel pin, and is pretty tough to separate.

Magic Flight Launch Box Review
Magic Flight Launch Box Review


The Launch Box is easy to use and fairly straightforward; place your herb of choice in the materials chamber, push the positive end of the battery into the hole, and after five seconds, place your mouth to the draw hole and take in the vapor. The Launch Box does not have any displays, but the manufacturer claims the unit is calibrated to heat up to 380°F (193°C), and will remain at that temperature as long as the environmental conditions are conducive and the user follows the instructions provided on how to draw efficiently. The rubber covers should be kept on the battery at all times when not using as the batteries can and will short out if a circuit is completed.

The Kit

In line with the vibe of the unit itself, the contents of the package are: the Magic Flight Launch Box contained in a felt-lined tin container, a brush for cleaning the material screen, and a glass draw stem for $119.95.

The Verdict

When considering this unit, remember one thing: the Magic Flight Launch Box is designed for portability. This unit is not perfect, but if you are looking for a truly portable vape without sacrificing too much functionality or taste of your herbs, then the Launch Box is the right call. If transportation isn’t the issue at hand you won’t be as inclined to make the $120 purchase, but to anyone else this product is certainly worth it.

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