Official Review – VapeTool Tool Kit

If you own a vaporizer or are looking to make the switch to one then a  good set of vaporizer tools is essential.

Style and Design

The ends are burnished stainless steel with the VapeTool logo on the center of every piece. No muss, no fuss, just simple utility here.


Included in the kit are four tools, listed below. The cool thing about these vaporizer tools is that each end is designed with a specific purpose in mind, although you may develop your own preferences for each one.

Tool 1

Vape Tool - Tool Kit - Tool 1
Vape Tool – Tool Kit – Tool 1

The first tool in the kit is the pointed dabber and square edged hook. Both of the tools have multiple uses and are great for concentrates and the handling of oils.

Tool 2

Vape Tool - Tool Kit - Tool 2
Vape Tool – Tool Kit – Tool 2

The second tool in the kit is the square edged spatula and pointed spatula. This tool is geared more toward concentrates than oils, and can be used for scraping and scooping.

Tool 3

Vape Tool - Tool Kit - Tool 3
Vape Tool – Tool Kit – Tool 3

The third tool is the rounded spoon and pointed blade. This tool combines the usefulness of a spoon and a blade, and can efficiently scrape or scoop.

Tool 4

Vape Tool - Tool Kit - Tool 4
Vape Tool – Tool Kit – Tool 4

The fourth and final tool is flat end chisel and long neck poker. The long poker is particularly useful for getting the last few drops of oil out of long, narrow containers.

The Kit

The entire set of VapeTools – Tool Kit is available for $19.99.

The Verdict

The fact that these tools are stainless steel and made in the USA are both positives, and the fact that the entire kit is only $20 makes this a great deal if you are looking to get acquainted with vaporizing tools.

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