Official Review – Arizer V-Tower

The Arizer V-Tower is a solid unit for anyone looking to get a good vaporizer on a budget. What really it sets it apart is how effective of a Whip-Style Vaporizer it is.

Looks and Design

The V-Tower has a unique design, almost like a tall thin version of a Volcano. The V-Tower is a whip system with a separate glass bowl to ensure that the contents of the bowl do not come into contact with the heating element. The shell is made of stainless steel and the whip is medical grade tubing and very long compared to the stock whip of most other units. The whip fits on top of the bowl and pivots a full 360 degrees, another unique aspect of the V-Tower.

Arizer V-Tower with Accessories
Arizer V-Tower with Accessories


The V-Tower has a digital display that makes adjusting the temperature a breeze (available in both Fahrenheit and Celsius). It has high-quality ceramic heating units and automatically shuts off after two hours. The included aromatherapy bowl allows the vaporizing of herbs into the air, as well as the “glass cyclonic” bowl for direct inhalation of vapor.

The Kit

The V-Tower comes in a standard package for $199.99, but includes several accessories. Along with the unit, you also get the whip and mouthpiece, the aromatherapy bowl, the glass cyclonic bowl, a stir tool and screen pack. There is also a multitude of additional Arizer V-Tower accessories available.

The Verdict

If you want a good quality vaporizer on a budget, the Arizer V-Tower may fit your bill. The unit does lack a balloon-filling system but is still worth the price tag. Arizer is a reputable company that uses quality parts and has good customer service, so if you are looking for an upgrade to your entry-level vape, this is one viable option in which you won’t be disappointed.

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