Looking for an upgrade to your tired old vaporizer? This Hot Box Vaporizer Review could provide you enough reason to switch! From one of the most highly-regarded names in the vaporizer industry, the Hot Box is everything that you could ever hope for in a state-of-the-art vaporizer.

Delivering outstanding performance and solid reliability at a very reasonable price point, the Hot Box is quite possibly the last vaporizer you will ever need. Read on to the rest of this Hot Box Vaporizer review to find out more about this amazingly-capable unit.

Comes in two flavors

Hot Box VaporizerThe Hot Box Vaporizer comes in two models: the black standard model and the slightly larger glass-equipped model, which comes with a custom graphics option. Both are equally capable of highly-satisfactory performance, so the model you choose will ultimately come down to personal preference.

Both models of the Hot Box feature a modular design, with the wand and heater being two separate units that fit into each other and that are meant to be taken apart between hits. Although this design may seem like it makes the Hot Box slightly more complicated than it needs to be on paper, the device is actually pretty simple and straightforward to use once you get the hang of it. The glass-equipped model also features a ground glass connection, making the wand and heating element fit snugly together.

Simple is as simple does

Hot Box VaporizerOne of the most striking characteristics of the Hot Box is its sheer simplicity. The company behind the vape has clearly made an effort to make the device as simple as possible to use, as evidenced by the basic dual-setting heating function. No temperature gradients or confusing settings here: the Hot Box is either on or off. Although this may seem too restricting or limited for some users, you can’t deny the appeal of its sheer simplicity.

Firing up the Hot Box gives you even more reasons to be impressed. Fresh out of the packaging, the vaporizer delivers huge clouds of fresh, clean-tasting, and potent vapor with seemingly no effort at all, giving you all the benefits of your quality bud. If you are looking for a vaporizer that puts out what you put into it, you simply can’t find a more satisfying model than the Hot Box.

Regular cleaning is important

Hot Box VaporizerAll that being said, this Hot Box Vaporizer review wouldn’t be entirely truthful if we didn’t mention some caveats. First of all, you really do have to keep the glass and screen as clean as you possibly can in order to get the maximum performance and full potency and flavor benefits. Gunk build-up can be severely detrimental to the performance of its piece –more so than with most other vaporizers–so keeping it sparkly clean is essential.

Keep in mind also that the tip of the glass vial that connects to the heating element can become extremely hot when in use. This isn’t normally a problem if you are using the Hot Box for solo vaporizing, but it will mean having to load the vial frequently if you are smoking out more than a few people. All in all however, the Hot Box delivers pretty impressive performance at a great price.


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Check out this video demonstration of the Hot Box Vaporizer in action.


  1. I used to have a hot box, in fact two. They quit working after years of using daily.

    I want to purchase two hot boxes. Please return an email so I can find out how to order them. We are from Michigan.

    Thank you, Gerri Sugden


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