Introducing the Glass-on-Glass nail and dabber set: Dab Vac by Headdies Glass.

We first came across the Headdies Dab Vac at the CHAMPS trade show in Denver last month. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of setup (we recently pick up a gas pump rig), we instantly noticed some differences that we thought set the Dab Vac apart.

For anyone who hasn’t tried this glass-on-glass dab rig before I would highly suggest you pick one up. Utilizing the wand as your heating source allows for 2 key improvements over the traditional domeless titanium nail and dabber.

  1. You have better control over the size of your dab
    Gone are the days of trying to eyeball the size of your dabs. When you use the glass wand as the heating source you can control the size of your hit by the amount of time you hold your wand to the product. It is easy to take either a monster rip or baby dab.
  2. There is less waste
    Building upon using the wand as your heating element allows for less product waste. The built in glass dish holds your concentrates, and since you never heat the dish there is zero burn off from residual product left on the nail.

**Disclaimer: Some people online say they have a issue with their product being sucked into the silicon tubing. I have experienced this at first when I received my gas pump; but as long as you provide a slow steady air flow this isn’t an issue.**

Headdies Dab Vac Review - dab-vac-vs-gas-pump

Headdies Dab Vac vs. Gas Pump

Deep Glass Dish - Headdies Dab Vac Review
Deep Glass Dish

First thing I noticed was the deep glass dish. With the gas pump rig I’ve encountered issues with the wax melting over the side of the plate. That is not in issue with the Dab Vac. The dish which is positioned on-top of the joint has a huge lip which can easily hold a few grams with no issues.

Second, I think the glass wand attachment on the Headdies piece is a step up from the gas pump. While the gas pump does come with an built in wand holder (which is our complaint on the Dab Vac), the attachment holder seems flimsy. The wand on the Headdies Dab Vac is a quartz wand, around 1 cm in diameter. My piece has had a few dings onto a hard granite counter top with no breakage.

Criticism of the Dab Vac

dab-vac-bowl-wand - Headdies Dab Vac ReviewThe only criticism I have of the Dab Vac is there is no place to rest your wand. Depending on the type of water pipe you are using you might be able to squeeze the silicon tubing in between the pipe and the attachment. Or as one YouTuber did, drop the wand down into the mouthpiece, otherwise you are forced to use a mat to rest the wand.


Headdies Dab Vac Pricing

When you consider a domeless nail and dabber will run you between $50-90; the Headdies Dab Vac is an extremely affordable rig with a MSRP of $70. Available in 4 size combinations the Dab Vac can be purchased here.
Headdies Dab Vac Review by Stoner Things

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