Enter the world of premium cannabis cigars with this month’s giveaway! Our September giveaway is a non-stick cannagar mold brought to you by the heads at Cannagar Solutions, who have created the world’s first anodized and Teflon® coated aluminum presses for making your own cannabis cigars — which tend to run you a couple hundred bucks at a dispensary.

Cannagar Solutions has taken the art of wrapping compressed bud into an exact science. Utilizing American-made commercial-grade aluminum they’ve developed a suite of products that are nearly unbreakable and ensure even pressure distribution when making your cigars. Say goodbye to cannagar molds that break or leave you with a finished product that burns unevenly and say hello to Cannagar Solutions. You’ll love the seamless design, tight seal, and smart air channels as well as how easy it is to clean and use.

Cannagar Solutions saw a huge disconnect between dispensaries charging premium prices and consumers who appreciate a finer smoke sesh and took it upon themselves to bridge that gap. Browse for all sorts of packing tools, DIY videos, apparel, and of course, a variety of their patent-pending cannagar molds in different sizes, capacities, and quantities.

Here’s a quick rundown on the Teflon® Coated 2-Slot Cannabis Cigar Mold that you’ll snag as the winner of the Stoner Things’ September giveaway.

Win a Teflon® Coated 2-Slot 5” Aluminum Cannabis Cigar Mold 

If you’re familiar with cannagars, you know they’ll cost you a premium at a dispensary. They were brought to us from Thailand in the 1960’s as a luxury smoke and today, they’re the crème de la crème of cannabis pre-rolls. Typically they contain anywhere from 2 grams to an ounce of weed along with distillate, rosin, or hash oils which help hold the cigar together and give it a nice slow burn.

cannagar solutions

However, with your own cannagar mold, you can choose which products you smoke. Use your own premium flowers, caviar, kief, or concentrates and wrap it up with your favorite wraps or an actual cannabis fan leaf and save hundreds at the dispensary. That’s where Cannagar Solutions comes in!

Their patented commercial-grade aluminum press uses metal screws to ensure your product gets even pressure distribution as you form your own cigars. More importantly, You can even by adding inserts. If you like the width of a standard cigar, you can add a few extra inches to it using the inserts that fit the molds, which is much cheaper than buying additional molds.  Best of all, its teflon coating minimizes your sticky concentrate residue and clean up.

This month, we’re giving away the 5” model which can form a cannabis cigar containing up to 18 grams, which is a little over a half ounce of flower.

To use it, you add your inserts and your cannabis products to the mold. You’ll then add a skewer to create airflow when the cigar is ready. You’ll then press it using the mold, wrap it up, and you’re ready to go. Save up to $500 on these premium cannabis products from a dispensary and experiment with your own flavors when you roll your own.

You know how it works! Just stop by our giveaway page to win. You can earn additional entries every day along with all the bonus opportunities we offer!


  1. Be very careful with this company. I recently purchased a mold from them and it came with about 6 scratches, mainly on the outside but one on the inside. When I reached out, I was advised that these scratches are normal due to the manufacturing process and how the mold is clamped. They said scratches are acceptable for this reason and a perfect polish would be cost prohibitive. I wish I could post pictures. Again, be careful with Cannagar Solutions.


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