Brace yourself — the holiday season is coming. Just in time for the holiday season, we’re pleased to announce our October giveaway for a little something that will help you decompress and de-stress on the go wherever the season may take you.

Introducing the Huni Badger portable electronic nectar collector. 

Take your favorite concentrates on the go with . It works around the house and on the go for seshing on yourself or with friends. Powered by a single 18650 Li-ion battery, it’s built for portability and discretion and is about the size of an average cell phone.

The thing is frankly just really cool. It’s got a little storage compartment for your hash and a magnetic cap that protects and covers the mouthpiece. It uses a ceramic barrel to heat an included high or low temperature tip, which you’ll touch to your concentrates and sip from like any other nectar collector. It’s crazy easy to use, making it possible to get big, flavorful hits of your favorite concentrates in the push of a button.
Huni Badger Portable Device

There’s a lot to love about its design, too. The device is sturdy and it offers a long vapor path that allows you to cool your hits exceptionally well. You can also use it with a water pipe if you’ve got one of those handy and don’t feel like busting out your torch. We also love that it heats the tips instead of the barrel itself. The high temp tip is better for big hits, while the low temp tip is perfect for the essential low-temp dab.

The only catch is that doesn’t come with its own battery — those are sold separately for about $4. But for our giveaway, we’ve got you covered and we’ll be sending one your way along with the device. All you’ll need is your favorite concentrates. You won’t want to miss this one. The Huni Badger Portable Device retails at $189, and you can get yours free when you enter to win.

How to enter and win 

This is a really exciting giveaway, and if you want to put your name in for your chance to win big, there are many different ways to enter. You can start by entering with methods below. However, if you want more info about how these contests work, head to our giveaway page. Remember, you gotta be at least 21 years old to enter and you need to have a valid email and US mailing address. We’ll be selecting one lucky winner and announcing our November giveaway next month, so good luck and keep an eye out!


October Huni Badger Portable Nectar Collector Giveaway!


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