We’re all about that cannabis lifestyle here at Stoner Things, and over the last few years dabbing has become a major part of our culture. It’s brought us new consumption methods that deliver an elevated effect like no other. Plus, it gives us another official holiday to celebrate: 710. In honor of the official day of dabs, Yo Dabba Dabba is sponsoring the July giveaway, hooking one winner up with a setup consisting of the latest accessories that are filling your IG feed.

Terp Tube Full Color Handbell

Terp Tube Full Color Handbell

This rig is the perfect size for tasty terps at home or mid-adventure. Unlike water pipes used for cannabis consumption, small rigs are ideal for dabs. Vapor doesn’t need to be cooled and filtered like smoke, so opting for a pipe with a smaller chamber will get you all those flavorful terpenes.

Seamless Terp Slurp

Terp Slurp


The last time a nail style blew up like this, flat top bangers came out on the scene. Terp Slurps are dominating the dab world as the most popular nail out. Its unique look and function puts it in a class of its own. Unlike classic bangers, terp slurps have an elongated bucket and a disc with carved channels attached to the bottom. Instead of loading the inside of the bucket with your dab, place the extracts on the inner lip of the disc and the channels pull the concentrates into the bucket. This design calls for a special carb cap and accessories, but no worry, Yo Dabba Dabba is including all that and more in the giveaway.

Slurp Set

Terp Slurp Set

All required accessories for the terp slurp nail are included in this set! The solid marble carb cap, pill, terp pearl, and valve. The carb cap acts like any other, except it doesn’t have any airflow holes like most do. The pill and terp pearl work inside the lower bucket to rotate and spin, agitating the concentrates, and the valve fits snugly between the top and bottom bucket to keep pressure and temperature right.

Dab Claw

Dab Claw

Grab your terp pearl from the slurp set and diamonds for dabbing with the dab claw. Push in the bottom of the tool to extend and release the little claw for all your clutching needs.

Yo Dabber

Yo Dabber

Don’t you dare handle concentrates with your hands! They’re expensive, sticky, crumbly, difficult to control, and can easily pick up dust, dog hair, lint or whatever else you have going on over there. This dabber is double sided and the perfect size for any situation.

Visit our giveaway page to enter to win! We’re offering 10 different ways to get in extra entries, so don’t slack and let’s celebrate! Happy 710 from Stoner Things and Yo Dabba Dabba.


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