Earlier this week, we checked out the Boundless CFX Vaporizer. Checking in at a modest $180, there’s a lot to like about the CFX, including its ability to do its job. Boundless is one of the greats in the vape industry, and we hope to see newer models from them soon. However, until then, we love the CFX for its impressive features, robust screen, temperature control and flavor. We think the Boundless CFX Vaporizer is an excellent choice for both dry herb and concentrate vaporizing. In this Boundless CFX review, we provide a quick rundown on its pros and cons as well as some of its exciting key features.

What is the Boundless CFX Vaporizer? 

The CFX vaporizer is a portable handheld vape made by Boundless, who are the heads behind a ton of portable vaporizers both large and small. It’s exciting for its variety of unique features, some of which we haven’t seen before in most vapes in its modest $180 price range.

CFX Vape Review
Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review

For starters, the CFX vape can be used with both dry herb and concentrate with grace and poise thanks to its robust full-color digital display and degree-by-degree temperature control. It heats up insanely quickly to any temperature between 100-430°F that you set with the buttons next to the display, and vibrates when it comes to the correct temperature. With most vapes like these, we recommend letting it sit for a few more seconds after it vibrates for bigger hits.

The CFX vaporizer comes with an extremely durable design and a tough rubber body. The whole thing is built with medical and food grade materials and it’s exceptionally sturdy. It also has a pretty nice and dense weight to it, checking in at ~12oz, so it feels quite powerful in your hands. It’s body and its internal components also come with a warranty. Just be sure to read your warranty information before using the device. While the CFX CAN be used while its charging, this can damage the battery and void your warranty.

Another exciting design feature aside from the enormous digital display is a dual-charging port. It offers both a DC jack, which charges the CFX in under 3 hours. However, it also offers a universal mini USB port so you can charge it with a standard cube or laptop. Overall its sturdy and robust design makes the CFX quite impressive by our standards. The large screen just makes it slightly less discreet than other vapes of this size.

Why we love it 

We love the Boundless CFX vape for a ton of reasons. For one thing, it’s degree-by-degree temperature control gives the user excellent control over the experience and it only takes about 20 seconds to come to the correct temperature. It also produces consistently tasty, high-quality vapor from both flower and concentrates.

CFX vaporizer review
Boundless CFX Vaporizer Review

We love its long lasting battery that got us through 10-15 sessions on a single charge and how quick and easy it is to charge it both at home and on the go with the dual charging ports. It’s big, beautiful digital display makes it very easy to see where the temperature is on the device and know that it’s on and ready to use. Most importantly though, the device is exceptionally easy to take apart and clean so that your initial investment, with proper care, can last much longer.

A few (small) turn-offs

While we really love Boundless’ CFX, there are a few little things about it that aren’t our favorite. With that said, the device is still at the top of its class in its price range, and these little things aren’t a huge deal. The biggest thing is its appearance. It isn’t the sleekest or most discreet vape on the market due to its large bright screen. We also don’t like that while you technically can use the CFX while charging, doing so will damage the battery and void your warranty.

Also, when hitting the CFX, the airflow isn’t spectacular but it’s still good. It’s much better than most at this price range, so this might just be more of a personal preference. However, we did also notice that at higher temperatures, the vapor tends to become a little harsh. Its larger than average chamber is great for flower but the CFX struggles a bit with concentrates likely due to the size.

Ultimately though, the Boundless CFX vaporizer is mostly excellent with just a few small inconsistencies. Even with that said, we’d give the device a 4.8 out of a possible 5. It’s a well-made machine, beautiful, functional, and powerful.

Have you tried this vape for yourself? Let us know your personal CFX reviews in the comments below.


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