Looking at the average bong, there seems little that you can do to make it even better. A remarkably – and deceptively – simple device, the bong is a marvel of ingenuity that stands as a classic for many reasons. Fun, entertaining, and very effective, a bong can liven up the party and get you more buzzes per bud. It is also easy to maintain, comes in a range of sizes, and it can last forever with proper care.

Bong waterGiven how seemingly perfect the bong is, there seems no need for the many variations and unique designs that can be found on the market today. Bubblers, multi-chambers, and long, meandering stems and drawing tubes all seem like unnecessary additions to what is already a perfect design. Nevertheless, these various mechanisms add considerably to the entire bong experience, making it easier, more effective, or simply even more entertaining. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a bong’s basic design, these enhancements do just that: enhance the use of your bong and make it more enjoyable all-round.

Experiment with bong water

Bong WaterBut say you had a plain, old bong and you have gotten just a little bit bored with it. What can you do short of ‘repurposing’ it (and risk it breaking down in the process) in order to add a bit of pizzazz and make it just a bit more fun? Changing out the bong water for a number of other fluids comes to mind, and it is a great way to ‘dress up’ your trusty old bong for a special occasion or simply to have a bit of fun with it. Call it a ‘quick fix’ or ‘special sauce’, but using some other fluid instead of bong water is a quick way to liven up the proceedings.

Before you dump just any kind of liquid into your bong, it would be worthwhile to consider the properties of the particular type of fluid you plan to use. You can’t just pour in any drink and expect your bong to work well – or at all. Remember that in order to work, the individual components of the bong will have to be able to carry out their fundamental functions. You therefore can’t pour in anything that will cause certain parts to clog up or break down. You also certainly don’t want to use any liquid that can be hazardous to your health. Don’t forget that THC is fat soluble, so steer clear of smoothies, milk, and other drinks with a high fat concentration.

Avoid alcohol and overly sugary drinks

There are many dozens of fluids that meet these requirements, but there are fluids to avoid as well. THC and many of the other active ingredients of marijuana is readily absorbed by alcohol, so using a strong spirit or liquor is probably out of the question. If you would like to use an alcoholic beverage, beer is probably a good choice.

It would probably be best to avoid liquids with high sugar content, such as some juices and sodas that can be difficult to clean over time. Instead, you may opt for some flavored tea or light juices.


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