Weed smokers tend to be a very open-minded, versatile lot, with few restrictions with regard to the implements used in smoking their herb of choice. Joints, pipes, dabbing tools, glass bongs, and edibles are usually fair game for stoners, and most anyone would be willing to give anything a try.

That being said, most people do gravitate toward one ingestion method over any others, with bongs and blunts often being preferred methods. Both have their benefits and drawbacks of course, but they both do a satisfactory job of getting THC into your system.

Bongs vs Blunts: Which do you prefer?

So which is it for you: bongs or blunts? While you don’t have to choose one method exclusively, it might be interesting to take a look at some of the distinct characteristics of each smoking method and to weight them on their relative merits.


smoking a bong

Bongs are versatile devices that can be used in groups or for solitary smoking. They work very well for the most part, and require very little in the way of preparation. In fact, all you really have to do is to break up the weed, stuff it into the bowl, light up, and exhale. That’s all there really is to it, and the ease of use is a definite come-on for beginners.

Bongs are also a great way to get as much THC as you can into your system within a short amount of time. Conversely however, bongs are also great for getting the maximum high from a limited amount of weed.

If privacy or stealth is an issue, you can just forget about glass bongs. There is nothing subtle about this device, and there is virtually no way you can disguise taking hits out of a bong as anything else. Good luck trying to hide a bong quickly as well!


Blunts are great for group smoking, but they are generally too wasteful for solitary smoking. In fact, blunts are generally more wasteful than smoking out of a bong.

That being said, a small group of friends can get pretty baked on a single blunt passed around efficiently. Unless your buddies are the type of smokers who like to hold on to the blunt without passing it, you could have a pretty good buzz going with a blunt shared among friends.

Flavor is popular reason to favor blunts over bongs. Taking a hit from a glass bong is pretty much the full-frontal approach, with little of the subtle flavors that you pick up from smoking blunts and joints. If you want to appreciate the full flavor of your weed, blunts might be the better way to go.

For privacy and safety reasons, blunts are also the better option. If you have to get rid of evidence quickly, it is a simple matter to ditch the blunt and even crush it underfoot. You might be out a good amount of the weed that was rolled in the blunt of course, but it would certainly be cheaper than getting rid of a good glass bong.

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