Weed is something that is meant to be shared, and the better the quality is, the more reasons you have for sharing it!

Of course, there are many ways to share weed, and there is certainly nothing wrong with adapting your preferred ingestion method to accommodate a few friends. Roll a jumbo joint or a couple of sizeable cones, keep the bowl packed, and your ingestion method of choice becomes a great way to pass the good vibes around.

Here are some ideas for sharing your weed the next time you’re getting high with some friends.


Joints are probably the easiest way to share the good stuff around. A typical joint could be sufficient for anywhere from three to five people, depending on how thickly you roll it. Joints make for a pleasant communal experience that is so often a large part of smoking up. If you have to turn on a lot more than five people, you could always roll as many joints as necessary to keep everyone happy.



Blunts are just like joints, only bigger, better, and more impressive. Furthermore, blunts are better suited to sharing than joints due to their larger capacities. In many ways, blunts are simply large joints wrapped with cigar tobacco wrapper instead of rolling papers. They are rolled thicker than joints, with much more weed in every blunt. Some people opt to mix a bit of tobacco in with the bud, but this isn’t really necessary. If joints just aren’t doing it for you and your buddies, blunts might be what you are looking for.



hookahBongs and water pipes are great, but not everyone is willing to have total strangers take a hit off a favorite piece. If you are one of those people, a hookah might be better suited to your needs. Hookahs are designed pretty much like bongs, with a bowl and stem system coursing the smoke through water before being sucked up through a mouthpiece. However, hookahs typically come with multiple mouthpieces, making it a cinch to accommodate three or four people at a time.



volcanoVaporizers are even more personal than bongs, but there are also vaporizer models that feature multiple mouthpieces. The vaporizers best suited for sharing are those that store the vapor in a holding chamber for later inhalation. With such a system, several users can simply take turns firing up the heating element and taking hits off the collected vapor in the holding chamber.



Edibles are convenient, simple, and very potent. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to go easy on the servings if there are people in the group who haven’t tried edibles yet. If everyone present has a similar tolerance however, passing around a tray of edibles is a good way to share your weed. Best of all, there is no ash, smoke, or debris to deal with, and virtually no cleanup, expect for the implements used in preparing the edibles of course.

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