We hope you’re excited for Hallo-Weed! We here at Stoner Things know you’re eager to spend 10/31 as green as you can, with plenty of bud and munchies to make it to the witching hour. Hopefully you have the perfect stoner Halloween costume all set, and now all you need is something to chow down on.

Being that Halloween is the holiday of candy, it’s only fair that your go-to munchies involve sugar and chocolate. With that being said, we’ve compiled the absolute best of the horror candy out there. We know pizza is great and everyone has a love for hot pockets, but the rules here are that the things we list have to be either chocolate or candy. So whether you’re giving out some munchies as treats or you just want to chill in your basement, enjoy!

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are amazing to eat when high, or any other time for that matter.

If you didn’t start salivating when you saw this picture then you’re inhuman. Anyone in the neighborhood that’s giving these out should be thanked and hugged. Nothing is better than a peanut butter cup.

Want a candy that will feel like it’s lasting for days? Look no further. Starbursts don’t require much in the ways of chewing or eating; just suck for hours and put on a good movie.

2. Skittles

best candy to eat when high
Skittles are some of the best candy to eat when high

Marshawn Lynch has the right idea here; all you need is love and skittles. There will never be enough red ones in a bag but, unlike other candies, the yellow ones aren’t awful.

3. Lindor Chocolate

best stoner candy

A little pricey, but your taste buds will never feel better. Ghouls and goblins better watch out, you’ll fight to the death to not give away a single one of these.

4. Sour Patch Kids

Best candy for when high

Sour Patch Kids are great for the people who like REALLY sour stuff. If the sour gummi worms don’t do enough for you then give Sour Patch Kids a try, but make sure you have something to drink nearby.

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