You don’t really need a lot in the way of accessories to have a good time with some quality weed. A pipe, a bong, or some rolling papers are more than enough to fuel any get together with some good friends. However, there are some accessories that are just too good to pass up because of how they make the entire experience so much more pleasant, more enjoyable, trippier, or just downright awesome. At the very least, these accessories will make for some interesting conversations. At best, they may change the way you enjoy your weed forever.

1. Paper Cup-To-Bong Converter

royght bongLike most stoners, you’ve probably already tried to figure out how to turn the regular coffee shop cup into a smoking implement. Now, a company out of Southern California called Royght! has beaten you to the punch with a convenient and handy device that will allow you to use the standard venti cup as a bong of sorts. With an estimated retail price of just under $20, the gadget is currently under development pending additional investors to the firm.

2. Classy Stoner Accessories

If you’re still wearing tie-dyes, denim vests, and beads, it’s safe to say that you’re hurting for a makeover. Rodawg out of New York is the company that will do it for you, and company CEO Josh Gordon promises you what he calls “a lifestyle brand for professional smokers”. Stylish and elegant with a noticeably up market feel, the company’s line of cannabis-themed accessories will definitely have you buzzing in style.

3. Elegant Stash Jars

Also from Rodawg is a superb line of classy stash jars that are just a little bit more elegant than your typical jelly jar. With a design that wouldn’t be out of place when used to hold fine spirits, these stash jars are designed to be displayed proudly on the mantelpiece.

4. Magnifier Pot Holders

You know how you’re always straining to see the contents of your stash jar? This uniquely inventive device should put an end to that. Designed pretty much like a typical Mason jar, the lid in this particular model is replaced with a magnifying glass. With an estimated retail price of around $10, this jar will allow you to admire your stash or show it off proudly before packing a bowl.

5. Belt Buckle Pipe

Dressed to the nines but don’t have a pipe with you? That wouldn’t be a problem if you had the Buckle Puffer. A perfectly functional and stylish belt buckle, the Puffer can also be used as a pipe…because it is one! The brainchild of a John Carroll University senior named Samson Mastroiannim the device is intended to be worn with semi-formal business attire.

6. Power Pipe Cleanerkashit clean

Nothing is more annoying than having a pipe clog up just when you are trying to use it, but a San Diego-based firm KashIt can do something about that. The company is set to introduce a portable tool that will make short work of clogged pipes. Convenient and powerful, the cleaner will retail for $25.

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  1. Some of these marijuana accessories are truly unique. The belt buckle pipe is one of a kind for sure. Definitely some good stealth accessories here if you want to keep your stash concealed and have some flashy stoner gear haha. That power pipe cleaner could really come in handy too, everyone knows how hard it is to keep pipes and bongs clean. They get dirty so fast! Good stuff, thanks for the heads up on some of these products.


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