Nowadays, it seems that there is a hack for pretty much everything you can think of. Designed to make products and processes just a little bit easier, more efficient, and more effective than the manufacturer intended, these hacks are virtually indispensible to modern living. It was only a matter of time before the marijuana culture caught up with its own repertoire of hacks, and here we present some of the most useful.

1. The CD-Over-The-Bowl Trick

You know how you’re always spilling weed while packing a bowl? Simply placing a regular CD or DVD on top of the bowl will prevent this, with the weed slipping neatly through the hole in the middle, while the rest conveniently collects around the edges for later loading or storage.

cone cleaner2. Plastic Spoon Bowl Cleaner

If you like the occasional artery-clogging tray of franchise fast food–and let’s face it: all stoners are guilty of imbibing once in a while – the plastic spoons that come with your meal usually makes for a great cone cleaner for your bong.

3. Pipe Cleaners

Here’s a revolutionary idea: the pipe cleaners you can get in any smoke shop are actually pretty good for…wait for it…cleaning pipes! Who would have thought?

4. Salt and Rubbing Alcohol

If you need to clean your bong, pipe or other smoking device, a mixture of sea salt in rubbing alcohol is particularly effective.  The alcohol loosens the residue while the abrasive salt scrubs it off the surface of the device.  Sloshing your piece around in a baggie full of the stuff and it will often come out looking as good as new.

5. Blackout Stash Jars

Want to keep your weed fresh for longer? All you have to do is take your regular stash jar and line the outside with black construction paper. This will prevent any light from coming in, minimizing how much your weed degrades over time.

lighter holder6. Bong Lighter Holder

Lighters have a way of getting lost just when you need them the most. There are many ways by which the typical drugstore lighter can be attached to the bong, but using a simple magnet works best.

7. Buzzing and Popping

When riding the wave and you want a little bit more of a novel sensation, get some Pop Rocks into your mouth. They won’t actually enhance your high, but they will definitely make it just a little bit more interesting.

8. Penny Grinder

Need to grind up your bud but don’t have a grinder handy? An empty pill bottle is the next best thing. All you have to do is place a single penny in the bottle along with your weed and shake to achieve the desired consistency. Bonus tip: put a penny in the bottom of your grinder to increase kief production!

9. Bubble Wrap Weed Wrapper

If you’re carrying a few big buds around and you don’t want them to break up too much in transport, you can pack each piece carefully in some bubble wrap. As an added bonus, the bubble wrap can keep you and your friends entertained when the weed runs out.

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