Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the weed fans in your life? Or yourself? There’s more to cannabis culture than the cannabis itself, although there’s no shortage of dab rigs, vaporizers, and endless merchandise from your favorite brands. Still, there’s a cornucopia of weed merch out there, and here are a few top items to consider for yourself, a friend, or family member. Or, maybe you want to get something nice for your local budtender!

GanjaLand Board Game

At first, this might look like a ripoff of Candyland, but it’s a little more complex than matching colors. Although the board has a similar layout and feel, it’s obviously NOT for kids. GanjaLand does have you moving about the board, trying to get to Cannabis Castle first. To get there, you draw cards and do what’s on the card. It might be trivia, or a challenge (like find something on the intricate drawings on the board). In fact, some of the “challenges” involve calling people, like a local pizza place. It can also get progressively more difficult, if you happen to get stoned as you play.


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Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana

Whether you’re new to marijuana or an old hand, Green is a fabulous book. That’s because there are gorgeous photos of weed on practically every page. The book is dripping with knowledge, and is a compendium of cannabis culture, with strains detailed with laborious detail. If you’ve wondered how lineages have developed among your favorite weed strains, this book will be an enlightening resource. If you think you know everything about cannabis, this book will still teach you a thing or two. Get it for the budding expert!

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Lil Chugger Dab Rig

Dabs are a popular item as concentrates have grown in availability around the country. Getting the perfect rig for smoking them is perhaps another matter. While bongs of the past might still be great for flowers, this mighty Lil Chugger dab rig from Yo Dabba Dabba is a great device. Perfect for someone’s first rig, or just a travel item, the Lil’ Chugger is compact and durable, made from premium glass by Yo Dabba Dabba.

mini dab rigs

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710 Vaporizer

These days vaporizers can seem like a dime a dozen. If you buy cartridges regularly, you may even get them free as a sort of toss-in to your purchase. How about a fancier, more durable pen? Thing is, a lot of vape pens may heat up at different temperatures, which can affect how the concentrate burns. The 710, however, features an LCD screen so you know how hot the pen is burning. The pen works with oils and waxes, and heats up within seconds.

710 pen

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420 Candles

If you just happen to like the smell of cannabis, how about a candle? You’re not likely to find this one at the local Yankee Candle, however, as it smells like weed — and more. In fact, the candle is a combination of a number of scents, like sandalwood, patchouli, and bergamot. The candle has no inebriating effects, however, so it’s fine to leave it burning whenever company comes over. It’s soy-based and lasts over 60 hours on average.

four twenty candle

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As you can see, there’s plenty to consider when buying holiday presents for cannabis consumers — just be sure they’re age and experience appropriate!


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