Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Cannabis Culture

What’s the buzz? From celebrities and mainstream media to seasonal products and counterculture lifestyle hacks, our articles keep you up-to-date on everything cool in the cannabis world.

netflix singapore block marijuana shows

Netflix To Block Marijuana Shows Following Government Demand

In the United States there’s a First Amendment protection for the “press” -- which includes freedom from religious doctrine but also protections...
Stoner Things 420 giveaway

Stoner Things’ 4/20 Giveaway

Check out the products featured in our 4/20 giveaway. From bongs and cannagar kits to cleaning solutions and odor eliminators, we’ve included...
best marijuana propaganda movies

The 5 Best Marijuana Propaganda Films to Watch When You’re Stoned

Cannabis has had a long history of being misunderstood.  Late in the 19th century countries all over the world began banning cannabis...
whoopi maya

Whoopi Goldberg’s Cannabis Company Has Shut Down

One of the biggest flops of the dotcom era was Flooz, an “e-currency” that predated Bitcoin. Do you remember when anything dealing...
celebrities invest cannabis industry

Top 10 Celebrities Invested in the Cannabis Industry

Within the last decade, the cannabis industry has skyrocketed. Mostly, this is thanks to the fact that it has become legal and...
dab university yo dabba dabba

Dab University: Putting The Cool Back in School

Dab University, What it Covers: Information for beginners: what is dabbing and how is it doneIntroduction...
weeds sequel mary jane parker

Weeds Sequel Starring Mary-Louise Parker Is In Development At Starz

If you haven’t seen the show Weeds, you probably should. If you appreciate cannabis culture and have followed the ever-changing legal landscape,...

Superbowl: Medical Cannabis Ad Banned By CBS

Some say the Super Bowl isn’t just watched by football fans, but also by fans of commercials. Yes, believe it or not,...

Mainstream entertainment has embraced the cannabis culture, as known stoners make cameos in more Netflix, Hulu, and silver screen productions than ever before. Rightfully so, since it’s no secret a favorite activity of every stoner is vegging out on the couch and catching a good flick.

We follow your favorite stoner celebrities and influencers who are normalizing cannabis use around the world and give you the low-down on 420-friendly events you should check out, all in our Culture section.

dab university yo dabba dabba

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