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What’s the buzz? From celebrities and mainstream media to seasonal products and counterculture lifestyle hacks, our articles keep you up-to-date on everything cool in the cannabis world.

most popular strains last 50 years

The Most Popular Weed Strains of the Last 50 Years

Most old-school stoners are the first to admit that their stash never hit as hard as the bud we have today. Cannabis potency has...
friends in weed colorado service industry

‘Friends In Weed’ Set Up To Protect Colorado’s Service Industry During COVID-19 Crisis

There’s no question that one of the hardest hit sectors of the COVID-19 lockdowns is the service industry. Restaurants are closed, along with bars...
Cannagar Mold Product Review Purple Rose Supply

Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Mold Product Review

Cannabis cigars have become more and more popular over the years with the rise in dispensaries and the need for longer-lasting, slower-burning prerolls that...
ben and jerrys use 420 promoting social justice

Ben & Jerry’s Use 4/20 To Promote Marijuana Reform

Believe it or not, there are Ben & Jerry’s superfans. The brand definitely has a cult following, in addition to the occasional purchaser given...
420 virtual celebrations

Four Twenty Celebrations Go Online: A Roundup Of Virtual Events

We’re in the midst of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and large social gatherings are out of the picture in most places...
metal vs glass weed pipes

Glass vs. Metal Pipes: Which Is Best For You?

“Want to smoke a bowl?” is up there on the list of best things to ask a stoner friend, family member or significant other....
waldo on weed documentary medical marijuana cancer

Waldo On Weed: An Uplifting New Documentary About Cannabis Oil For Children With Cancer

Advocates of medical marijuana have often cited the need for access to certain cannabinoids for medical use in part because there are a number...
tucker carlson racial stereotypes bernie sanders

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Is Using Racist Stereotypes To Discourage Voting For Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders has been very clear on his stance around the Drug War, and really about every war. Sanders has been anti-war since at...

Mainstream entertainment has embraced the cannabis culture, as known stoners make cameos in more Netflix, Hulu, and silver screen productions than ever before. Rightfully so, since it’s no secret a favorite activity of every stoner is vegging out on the couch and catching a good flick.

We follow your favorite stoner celebrities and influencers who are normalizing cannabis use around the world and give you the low-down on 420-friendly events you should check out, all in our Culture section.

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