Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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killer mike joe biden bernie sanders legalization plan

Killer Mike Urges President Elect Biden To Follow Bernie Sanders’ Marijuana Legalization Plan

Although President-Elect Joe Biden has indicated he’s not going to immediately legalize marijuana when he takes office, even saying that he “knows a lot...
weldon angelos presidential pardon

Snoop Dog’s Music Producer Receives Presidential Pardon

Should people who do a crime that is illegal one year but not the next remain in jail? While we’re obviously talking weed here,...
best joint filter tips

The Best Types of Joint Filter Tips for Upgrading Your Joints

Filter tips are designed to help cannabis smokers in a number of ways, like helping avoid roach clips, allowing you to smoke the whole...
fast acting edibles

Fast-Acting Edibles: Could This Innovation Revolutionize How We Consume Weed?

There's a thing to be said for cannabis edibles that take too long to take effect. Is there a thing to be said for fast-acting...
The Syndicate podcast cannabis smuggling

The Syndicate: A New Podcast Delving Deep into the World of Cannabis Smuggling

There are thousands of podcasts, and no shortage of shows and documentaries about weed. But one of the great things about podcasts is that...
Flower vs Dabs

The Results Are In: Here’s How Many People Now Prefer Concentrates Over Flower

For as long as there have been concentrates, there has been debate as to which is “better” -- a concentrate or old fashioned flower....
cannabis edibles vs flower

Edibles vs Flower: This Is Why Eating Weed Gets You a Different Type of...

All of my friends get high. Heck, most of my family does, too. We're a tight-knit group of cannabis consumers, but our consumption methods...
Cannabis Use Drug Performance Study

After-Work Cannabis Use Doesn’t Affect Job Performance, Study Finds

Back in the 1980’s, the airwaves were full of anti-drug propaganda. Sure, there was “Just Say No,” but that phrase wasn’t the only thing...

Mainstream entertainment has embraced the cannabis culture, as known stoners make cameos in more Netflix, Hulu, and silver screen productions than ever before. Rightfully so, since it’s no secret a favorite activity of every stoner is vegging out on the couch and catching a good flick.

We follow your favorite stoner celebrities and influencers who are normalizing cannabis use around the world and give you the low-down on 420-friendly events you should check out, all in our Culture section.

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