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Cannabis Culture

What’s the buzz? From celebrities and mainstream media to seasonal products and counterculture lifestyle hacks, our articles keep you up-to-date on everything cool in the cannabis world.

first dispensary visit tips

10 Essential Tips for Your First Dispensary Visit

Headed to a dispensary for the first time and not sure what to expect? Below we’re covering everything you need to know...
best books about weed

Best Books About Weed

Are you an avid reader with a relentless love for the herb? Check out these top 6 best books about weed and add them...
best seed banks us

The Best Seed Banks for Buying Weed Seeds Online

If you’re looking to start your own grow from seed, the first thing you’re going to want to check out is a reputable seedbank....
best 710 discounts

710 Discounts: A Round-Up of the Best 710 Deals in 2022

710 is the biggest holiday for dabbers everywhere, and lucky for you, there are TONS of sales out there. If you’re looking to get...

Bhang Lassi Recipe: India’s Favorite MJ Drink

Odds are, if you live in the Western Hemisphere, you've never come across Bhang. If you have, consider yourself a world traveler. Bhang, also known...
best cannabis events

4 Best Cannabis Events You Should Be Attending This Year

If travel is on your agenda this year, there are lots of 420-friendly events you’re going to want to see. They range from massive...
best celebrity cannabis brands

Top Celebrity-Owned Cannabis Brands You Should Know About

While a lot of celebrity brands seem to put out mids in fancy packages, these brands are the real deal. Read on to learn...
kalvara cannabis drinks

Grammy Award Nominated Artist Miguel Launches Cannabis Drink Brand With Innovative Technology

Earlier this year, Kalvara made their public debut. The company is founded entirely on innovating the cannabis industry, and they’ve made a huge splash...

Mainstream entertainment has embraced the cannabis culture, as known stoners make cameos in more Netflix, Hulu, and silver screen productions than ever before. Rightfully so, since it’s no secret a favorite activity of every stoner is vegging out on the couch and catching a good flick.

We follow your favorite stoner celebrities and influencers who are normalizing cannabis use around the world and give you the low-down on 420-friendly events you should check out, all in our Culture section.

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