Edibles during lockdown? If you’re trying to avoid lung issues, especially if you’re still working during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may want to switch to edibles for a while. The virus attacks the lungs especially, causing problems for those who may have been smoking for years. This goes for vaping and smoking, which is why a lot of cannabis enthusiasts have been moving to edibles until the risk is lower. Where can you get started with edibles? Right here — we’ll start with decarbing your weed so you can cook with it, and tackle some simple recipes you can make without a fancy kitchen or cooking school degree.

Decarboxylation is a fancy science term for “converting your cannabis into fun” because it removes a carbon atom and basically unlocks the active properties of the plant. This happens normally if you smoke flower, but if you’re cooking you’ll have to “activate” your weed manually without scorching it. Here’s a guide to decarbing your weed before cooking. If you don’t, you’ll just be eating weed and not getting much out of it.

Once you’ve decarb’d your smokables, you’re ready to rock one of these recipes.

1. Cannabutter

This isn’t so much a dish itself as the basis for a bunch of dishes. You can just take cannabutter and put it on a biscuit or whatever, but you can also brush it on a pizza crust and add all the toppings your munchie mind can come up with. Learn how to make cannabutter here.

making cannabutter at home

2. Firecrackers

These are about the simplest thing you can make, and they are sweet and delicious. You’re basically using decarbed weed in a cookie sandwich. Most people use a hazelnut spread, but peanut butter or any sweet spread would likely work. Graham crackers, fudge cookies, whatever you want as the outside should work great. Here’s a video showing how it’s done:

3. Bacon

You mean just fry up some bacon and sprinkle decarb’d flower on each side and enjoy? Yes, that’s basically it. The savory nature of the bacon meshes with the earthy flavor of most buds, and the grease leftover can be used to make a cannabis-infused gravy that is delicious on biscuits. If you want to get fancy, dip the bacon in chocolate used to coat fruit and enjoy a savory and sweet snack that will blow your mind.

4. Cookies

What do you do with all that kief in your grinder? Sprinkle it in some cookie dough! You may still want to heat up the kief a bit, or you can also toss it in a cannabutter recipe for truly potent mixing ingredients.

5. Gummy Bears

While not entirely difficult, gummy edibles aren’t as simple as some of the above. First, you’ll need to make cannabis-infused coconut oil. How do you do that? Basically just make cannabutter but instead of butter use coconut oil. Use the refined stuff if you want to have it flavorless, but if you like coconut flavor use the unrefined. Ideally, get one high in MCT’s, as it will cook better. Then, follow the simple video below to make some easy gummy edibles:


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