With marijuana having been legalized in 23 states all over the U.S., now is as good a time as any for newbies to try their hands at growing (with the appropriate licenses of course). No longer are marijuana users restricted to buying their herb of choice from shady, underhanded dealers. Nowadays, you can simply place an order for seeds online, grow your own marijuana, and end up with a much better product than you could possibly get from the street.

cool marijuana plantOf course, growing marijuana is a serious discipline unto itself, and there are numerous details to consider if you hope to be able to do it right. Although marijuana is a pretty hardy and durable plant that can grow in a wide variety of settings, growing it under optimal conditions will help ensure a better quality product.

To make it easier for you to get started on the road to marijuana cultivation, you might want to select seeds that are known to be easy to grow and maintain. Nowadays, a virtual science has developed around breeding and genetic development, and you can simply choose seeds that are easy to grow and provide you with a higher chance of success. Here are some of the easiest strains to grow if you are a beginner.

Skunk #1 (feminized)

This is the strain that started it all. Highly-regarded for over 25 years now, Skunk #1 has lost none of its renown even with the development of many other notable strains. As testament to the potency and complex flavor and aroma, many types of potent marijuana are now routinely referred to as ‘skunks’ even if they do not belong to the same lineage.

White Skunk

A great choice for first-time growers, White Skunk is nevertheless a well respected strain that deserves all the acclaim it gets. Potent and smooth with a long-lasting high that is undoubtedly ‘skunkish’ in nature, White Skunk nevertheless has a distinctive aroma that many say is an improvement over the familiar Skunk aroma.

Super Skunk (feminized)

As the name suggest, Super Skunk is Skunk taken to a whole new level of potency and flavor. The result of one of the first serious cross breeding experiments, Super Skunk is the amazing offspring of Skunk #1 and an original Afghani hash plant. With generous yields, the durable plant has won numerous awards since the year it was unveiled to the public.green marijuana

Double Gum

The aptly named Double Gum is a tantalizingly sweet and delicious strain that calls to mind the classic bubble gum flavors of our youth. Powerful and potent, yet amazingly smooth, this strain is remarkably easy to grow. It performs well in a variety of growing conditions, and is equally suited to indoor and outdoor growing.

Northern Lights – White Label

We close the list with a fine Indica that combines all the best qualities of original Northern Lights with the latest in auto-flowering feminized strains. The result is a powerful and heady bud that delivers in the high and flavor departments. With a noticeable citrus taste and a pleasantly powerful high, this one is definitely worth growing.


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