Growing marijuana indoors might be a more favorable option if you don’t have space outdoors or if the climate is not suitable for outdoor growing. While many types of cannabis can be grown equally well indoors or outdoors, some strains are better suited to indoor growing.

Why would you want to grow weed indoors? For one thing, you will have a lot more control over the environment and growing factors than if you planted your seeds outdoors. It is also much easier to conceal your crop if secrecy and/or security is an issue.indoor grow marijuana plant

Below we present a selection of seeds that are ideally suited to indoor growing. Keep in mind that there are many more strains out there that will provide similarly satisfactory results, so ask your supplier for more suggestions.

One of the strains that you should try is Afghan. The result of the crossbreeding of different varieties of Kush, Afghan is almost entirely Indica. These plants are characterized by round leaves and big buds. Afghans don’t have as many crystals as other strains, but the smoke that it emits is very rich and smooth. It is also quite flavorful, with a potent fruity flavor. Afghans are high in cannibidiol content, which makes it one of the most suitable strains for pain-relief purposes.

Aurora Indica is another type of Indica that is ideally suited for indoor growing. It has actually the result of been around for many years and is derived from Northern Lights and Afghan strains. This lineage produces a strain of exceptionally high quality bud thanks to the individual qualities of Northern Light and Afghan, which are known for their high yield and robustness respectively.

The Aurora Indica strain is characterized by a heavy and stony high. The plant material itself is very dark – almost black, in fact – and the aroma is definitely on the pungent side. A very potent strain, Aurora Indica produces a very relaxing sensation that makes it ideally suited for those who are looking for a strain that can be used to provide a considerable degree of pain-relief. Because of its potency, Aurora Indica is best taken in small doses.

Haze is another great option for those looking for a strain to plant indoors. This particular variety of weed is derived from Jamaican sativa and Skunk. The resulting plant is characterized by long tall stems and golden-hued buds. The leaves are also noticeably narrow towards the end, and the buds themselves pack a very respectable 15% to 20% THC content despite their comparatively small size.

Haze plants can grow as high as 250 cm, and even taller plants are possible if they are given even more space. Because of its size, Haze is often the strain of choice for growers that are interested in maximum yield. That being said, Haze can be very challenging to grow, and is best suited to growers that have considerable experience with other strains. The high that users get from Haze is commonly described as strong and “uplifting”.


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