Who wouldn’t want thoughtfully curated gifts at their front door each month? Our November giveaway winner will receive six months of — a subscription box focused on the cannabis lifestyle.

Helen, the founder of SensiBox, is an herbal enthusiast. After launching a subscription box that featured cooking spices from around the world, kitchen gadgets and recipes, she decided to switch gears with her sons’ encouragement.

Helen began researching options to fill her monthly boxes and ultimately decided to take creation into her own hands, launching Art of Smoke, a unique line of pipes made in the USA that come with a carrying case. Most Art of Smoke pipes are made from ceramic and add an element of decor to your space! No need to tuck this pipe away. In fact, some of Helen’s long-time customers set up shelves to display their SensiBox scores.

sensiboxSensiBox is available in ‘Original’, which includes at least seven items each month, or the light option that includes five. You can customize your subscription with a 3, 6 or 12-month plan, or a month-to-month membership that you can pause for up to six months and cancel at any time.

Each month’s box fits a theme that includes a pipe plus smoking and lifestyle accessories like rolling papers, stickers, socks, storage tubes, a roach clip and other goodies. Follow @sensiboxmonthly on Instagram for a heads up of each box, or keep scrolling if you like a good surprise! If a month’s theme just isn’t your jam, sign in to your account and pause your box for that month. It’s that easy!

Our winner’s subscription will begin in December, with a sushi theme that we’re really stoked about. The box includes a sea urchin bong from Art of Smoke, a wooden storage tube, sushi socks, and other theme-worthy goods. In January, SensiBox will debut its first glass piece, a collab with a notable glass artist within the cannabis community. February’s theme is flying pigs and the following three months are in the works.

SensiBox is perfect for any age, whether you’re a long-time consumer or just getting started.

Visit our to enter to win a SensiBox each month from December to May!

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