Looking for the latest in state-of-the-art bong technology? If you are the type of person for whom the typical dorm room bong just doesn’t make the grade, the Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe is definitely worth checking out.

With a design ethos characterized by dizzying twists and turns, Zong! is one of the most intriguing and most exciting manufacturers of quality glass smoking access on the scene. Bold, eye-catching, and innovative, Zong!’s products stand out in a sea of standard-looking bongs and water pipes.

With the Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe, the company takes its famous design, and packs it into a more convenient form factor. If you are looking for the same innovative design and superior performance that has come to characterize Zong!, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the Double Kink Waterpipe.

Innovative design and construction

zong double kink waterpipeLike all the company’s quality glass pieces, the Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe is made with extra thick 5mm glass. This gives the bong a durability and ruggedness that can withstand the harshest and most demanding environments, such as your typical frat house, for example. Most bongs are lucky to last more than a couple of keggers, but the Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe will continue to deliver cloud after cloud of potent smoke!

Durability aside, what makes the Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe really stand apart from its competitors is its unique and visually stunning design. More than just your typical hippie head shop bong, the Zong! is designed for maximum performance, as well as function and aesthetic style. The main chamber is double-kinked, which gives the device its characteristic Z-shaped form. The effect is pretty impressive to say the least, and it will definitely cause a reaction in even the most zombified stoner. Better still, the Z shape makes it easy to grasp the bong firmly in hand, which can prevent messy spills and breakage.

A lightshow in a bong!

zong double kink waterpipeEven more impressive is the fact that the base of the Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe actually changes color every time you use it! With undulating patterns of rich and vibrant color, the fumed glass base offers extra visual stimulus that makes every session even more rewarding….its like having your own light show right in your hands! With the right lighting, good music, and some quality bud, you could have all the makings of a pretty rocking party right there. Each Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe offers its own unique pattern, which means that each and every bong will always be one-of-a-kind.

More than just looks

The Zong! Double Kink Waterpipe is about more than just looks. The Z shape actually helps cool down the smoke further before it reaches the mouthpiece, ensuring that you are only inhaling the smoothest and freshest tasting smoke possible. If you spend money on good bud and want to enjoy the full flavor experience of your investment, the Double Kink Waterpipe is the way to go.

It truly is one of the most innovative bongs on the market today. To find out more, click here.

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