Who hasn’t heard of the Volcano? Even if you have only a passing interest in vaporizers – and vaporizing in general – chances are you have already heard of this hugely popular device. Taking the tried and proven concept of the vaporizer several steps further, the Volcano delivers a level of performance that simply isn’t possible with any other model. With its winning combination of features and functionality, the Volcano is by all measures the pinnacle of vaporizer perfection.

Given all the outstanding qualities of the Volcano, the length of its dominance over the market is hardly surprising. Almost immediately after it was introduced – the Volcano was pretty much untouchable. Although a number of similarly featured vaporizers quickly followed in its wake, none of the Volcano’s early competitors came close to delivering the kind of performance that ensured the Volcano’s continued market dominance for so many years.

volcano vaporizerHow do newer models stack up?

That being said, the Volcano is admittedly getting a bit long in the tooth. Furthermore, a few vaporizers that have come out in the interim have expanded a bit on the Volcano concept, with some taking on radically different and innovative directions of their own. The question that now comes to mind is: is the Volcano still the Top Dog of the vaporizer world? That the Volcano was the pinnacle of vaporizer technology for many years is undeniable, but is it still the best? Is the Volcano still a worthy investment given the many fine vaporizers that have come out since?

Built to last

One of the reasons why the Volcano has remained popular for so long is that it is a truly well-built piece of machinery. With high-quality components crafted from the finest material, the Volcano was definitely built to last. Buy a Volcano today, and you can be reasonably sure that it will provide quality service for many years to come.

High degree of control

Versatility is another reason for the Volcano’s long run of popularity. The base model is designed for full compatibility with a variety of operational modes, so users have a great deal of flexibility with regard to how they will administer their medication. The temperature is also easy to adjust – which earned the unit high marks with novice vaporizer users – and the many temperature options ensure more efficient and more reliable performance.

Speaking of performance, that is perhaps the main appeal of the Volcano. Even today, you would be hard pressed to find a vaporizer that delivers such consistently high-quality results time and time again. Take the best vaporizers on the market today, and the Volcano will undoubtedly hold up impressively against most, and probably even give a model or two a run for their money.

Cost can be restrictive

A significant downside to the Volcano is of course its cost. From the moment it was released until today, the Volcano remains one of the highest-priced vaporizers on the market. While the price tag may give you reason to explore lower-cost alternatives, the Volcano offers enough features, functionality, and unbeatable performance to make it a great buy, even with so many other competing models on the market.


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