College is all about exploration and expansion, growing the mind and learning how the world around us works. And it goes without saying that weed is a big part of the experience.

All kinds of undergrads smoke pot, and that’s to say nothing of the stereotypical pothead grad student. That’s only a good thing, considering the very real dangers of binge drinking and prescription drug abuse among young adults.

So what should you study if you want to blend your stoner lifestyle and your education? Here are a few suggestions of ideal college degrees for stoners.


1. Biologycolorful_marijuana_plant

If you have hopes of joining the legal marijuana industry after graduation, it can’t hurt to get a solid background in the sciences. A concentration on biology can help you not only grow cannabis, but breed the plant on a larger scale.

It doesn’t take a college degree to grow weed, but it definitely can’t hurt. A working knowledge of plant biology would give you a leg up on the competition when legal weed reaches your state.

2. Law

Marijuana Gavel

A legal education is a major investment, but there couldn’t be a better time to get one. Law schools have been bleeding students for years, so getting in is relatively easy.

Plus, the marijuana industry needs good lawyers. Attorneys are responsible for drafting legalization initiatives, pushing for legal reform, and representing defendants in cannabis-related cases.

Marijuana law is in flux right now, and the industry needs experts to make sense of it. The marketplace for working lawyers isn’t terrific, but there will always be good legal jobs in the cannabis community.

3. Chemistry

THC Molecule

Growing marijuana is all about biology. Processing it and turning it into edibles, hash oil, or other pot-infused products, on the other hand, is strictly a matter of chemistry.

A quality weed chef, for example, should know the basics of how pot interacts with oil, water, and other substances. That doesn’t necessarily require a degree on the subject, but chemistry could open many more doors for you in the industry.

4. Philosophy

Marijuana Philosophy Question

By ancient academic tradition, a doctorate in philosophy is the highest honor a student can attain. By modern economic standards, it’s a sure path to unemployment. Teachers don’t make money, and there isn’t much else you can do with a philosophy degree.

But if you’re determined to gamble on a PhD., you could do worse than philosophy. Like marijuana, this field is all about cognitive exploration, understanding the mind. Plus, you’re sure to meet lots of stoners.

As a philosophy grad, you’ll always have awesome quotes ready for everyday use and you’ll look smart in any setting. And isn’t that what really matters?


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