Let’s be real, holiday shopping can be kind of annoying. It feels good to give an amazing gift, to see someone super stoked on your thoughtfulness—but, thoughtfulness doesn’t always come easy. You have to really consider the person’s interests or needs and then scour people-packed stores or scroll till your eyes are sore to find something that fits.

We’re here to help with Christmas gift ideas that are sure to please a long list of friends and family. Whether you need cute stoner Christmas gifts for your girlfriend, cool gift ideas for your boyfriend, or the best weed gifts under $20 for a white elephant gift exchange…. We’ve got the cannabis enthusiasts on your list covered.

Check out our guide full of gifts for weed smokers that will check off the outdoorsy one, the paranoid one, the dabber, the vape-lover, the bong-ripper, and more.

1. Best Infuser for Edibles: Alpha 420 EdiWhip


Ideal gift for edible lovers

best gift for edible lovers

The EdiWhip by Alpha 420 is a great gift for weed smokers of all ages and stages, because who doesn’t like edibles?! This powerful machine is an easy-to-use, all-in-one decarboxylator and infuser that takes the intimidation out of making weed-infused butters, oils and tinctures. No chef status or experience is needed… this infuser has all the technicalities covered to blend, heat and steep at the right temperature and interval every time. The EdiWhip is truly a gift that keeps on giving, and if you’re lucky, maybe the recipient will make you some cookies, too.

2. Best Odor Eliminator: Spray 420 Clean Green 3-Pack


For the weed smoker who needs to be discreet

best gifts for discreet stoner

If you’re on the hunt for gifts below $20, we’ve got you. Anyone who ever got caught blazing up indoors knows (now) that smoke rises. So, why does mist from most odor eliminators fall to the ground when sprayed? Spray 420 set out to right this wrong with a formula that rises about the rest…. Literally. Their sprays meet odor at the source and are safe for use on everything from a/c intake vents to gentle fabrics like silk. The CFC-free, dry aerosol spray comes in yummy flavors like sweet vanilla pink, new car blue, and clean green. Our favorite? Definitely, the clean green: it delivers the real-life scent of freshly washed laundry without any weird overkill artificial aromas. Mmmmm.

3. Best Handheld Dry Herb Vaporizer: Tommy Chong Aria Kit


Perfect gift for the vape enthusiast

best gift for vapers

Tommy Chong knows dry herb. The guy has been a stoner legend longer than most of our team has even smoked weed! Basically, his stamp of approval is highly vetted and his collaboration with XVape is no exception. The Tommy Chong Aria Kit is a great gift idea for your stoner mom or a cute gift for your girlfriend who loves weed. The vape features a dual-use handheld vaporizer with a long list of pros that include a high-speed heat-up time and 100% isolated airflow, plus it comes as a kit that includes limited-edition Tommy Chong accessories.

4. Best Terp Slurp: Seamless Terp Slurp Set 


The gift for someone who loves to dab

best gift for dab enthusiasts

Yo Dabba Dabba has been killing it in the set game! They’ve got a few different styles out with terp pearls and inserts, but our favorite is definitely the Seamless Terp Slurp Set. This set includes a high-quality quartz seamless terp slurp nail, a ruby pill, a valve and dichro carb cap. The nail is available in a 90° or 45° neck, and in every single joint size out there. So, whether you’re shopping for someone who dabs out of a heady rig, or is new to terp slurps, this set is a perfect holiday gift idea for friends that dab.

5. Best Accessory: Smoking Shades 


For the stoner with style

best Christmas gift for the stylish stoner

Looking for a cute gift for your girlfriend who loves to smoke? Sunglasses are always a safe bet. Triple bonus points if the sunglasses double as a pipe and stash compartment. Wait, what?! The Pink Mirror Cateyes take fashion and function to a whole new level that gets you high. The Blaze features a stylish cat-eye design with a matte black frame and pink mirror lenses. All sunnies from Smoking Shades are handcrafted from acetate and wood with a durable metal flex fit spring hinge and 100% UV/UVB protection lenses with a scratch-resistant coating. Check out all their styles if you’re looking for solid gift ideas for other people on your list, too!

6. Best Concentrate Vaporizer: Vista Mini 2 


Perfect gift for people who love to vape dabs

best gift for concentrate vapers

If Back to the Future was a movie about stoners, Marty McFly would definitely teach his dad how to dab. Get the Vista Mini 2 as a gift for your boyfriend who loves to take dabs or your pothead dad. The Vista is a best-in-class electronic bubbler that serves up perfectly temperature-controlled dab sessions every time, at a fraction of the cost when compared to others. But, don’t mistake it, the Vista Mini’s lower price tag doesn’t mean less function. Some of our favorite features include the four LED-indicated heat settings that cater to every kind of concentrate, the revolutionary AIO crystal quartz atomizer equipped with short circuit protection and wireless charging capabilities. The kit includes every accessory you need, packaged in a protective case.

7. Best Water Pipe under $40: Terp Tube Beaker


Ideal gift for the OG

best bong gifts

Looking for affordable waterpipes to gift your friends? Terp Tube is perfect for any occasion with a decent variety of borosilicate glass water pipes and rigs in a bunch of cool styles and colors at reasonable prices. This sturdy beaker bong is 8 inches tall and comes with a 3” multi-slit down stem and glass slide. What weed smoker wouldn’t want a new bong?! It’s a risk-free option that makes a great gift for weed smokers or a last-minute Christmas gift for anyone who likes to blaze up.

8. Best Multi-Purpose Dry Herb Vaporizer: XQ2


A gift that provides a multifunctional vape experience

best vaporizer gifts

The XQ2 by Arizer has custom session settings but always operates in beast mode. Snag this multi-functional desktop vaporizer as a gift for him or a gift for her. This desktop vaporizer does it all with a whip attachment for direct draws, a balloon system and collection bag, a glass aromatherapy dish, plus high-quality borosilicate glass ends, high-quality silicone tubing, and 360° swivel action to pass to your friends. Some of our favorite additional features include a handy remote control and a streamlined operating system, an advanced ceramic convection heater, and replaceable air intake filters. Arizer hooks it up to include a seriously long list of accessories that help transform the unit into multi-functional amazingness.

9. Best Stocking Stuffer: MouthPeace Mini Starter Kit 


Mooselabs MouthPeace

Pass joints, blunts and vape pens to friends (or, randos… if you’re into that) freely with the MouthPeace Mini Starter Kit from Moose Labs. Made from high-quality, platinum-cured silicone, the MouthPeace brings peace of mind when you’re puffing and passing because it serves as a sanitary barrier that prevents direct oral contact and comes with a pack of proprietary, replaceable filters made from activated carbon that removes resins, contaminants and tar particles from each inhale. The MouthPeace, recognized as a ‘World Changing Idea’ by Fast Company, is the first physician-backed germ-preventing accessory designed to fit e-cigs, vape pens and other rolled-up herbs.


  1. I need to let Santa know that I want and need the EdiWhip so that the plate of cookies will be extra special from now on.

  2. On my wish list Best Infuser for Edibles: Alpha 420 EdiWhip this would be perfect to use year round! Each gift idea is awesome!

  3. Dear Santa, please bring me an XQ2 this year for Christmas. It’s not so much for me but mostly for my fiancé, who would LOVE one. We’ve both been exceptionally good this year. Thank you very much!

  4. There are so many new products out for stoners but to see them in one place makes it easier to make choices. I concur with your number one pick, The Alpha 420 EdiWhip!


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