Let’s face it— glass is a little overrated. Sure, there’s a lot of really great, high-quality glass out there, but it tends to be a smidge expensive. The cheaper glass gets too hot, and all of it is delicate and fragile. The bigger issue is that its hard to find glass to fit every rig. You can drop a lot of money on a few nice pieces to pass around in any given rotation, but bowl swapping is a pain in the neck— especially when you have to clean like five different bowls at the end of the day or run the risk of breaking one.

All that said, universal fits are a fan favorite. One bowl to fit your entire collection is honestly a dream come true, and that’s how I felt when I met METTLE. Made by the heads at Kontra, METTLE is a universal bowl made from medical grade stainless steel, meaning it’s virtually indestructible. It offers a level of durability that traditional glass bowls simply can’t match. No more worrying about accidental drops or cracks during a smoke session – METTLE is built to last.

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But what’s even better is that it’s a universal fit for both male and female 14mm water pipes and 19mm slides. The thing has massive capacity, making it the perfect addition to the rotation between several different heads. It doesn’t have a handle, but unlike cheaper titanium bowls, its stainless steel construction stays cool to the touch even with back-to-back hits. Between the universal fit and the deep capacity, you can enjoy fewer reloads, more uninterrupted enjoyment, and durability to boot.

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Behind METTLE is Kontra, a small team based in Nashville, TN, with a mission to modernize smokeware in both design and function. They believe that smokers deserve premium accessories that not only look good but make smoking easier. For that reason, every METTLE bowl is machined to perfection for consistency and quality use after use. More or less, their goal is to make METTLE the last bowl you ever buy. And frankly— it might very well be the last one I ever use.

How does METTLE work? 

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The key feature of METTLE is its adjustability. METTLE’s outer slide is removable, transforming it into a versatile 14mm to 18mm glass adapter. But the cool part is that METTLE is more than an adjustable bowl – it’s a multifunctional smoking tool. With extra large capacity and its built-in screen, it works like a functional chillum, and roach holder/finger saver on its own without use with a water pipe. The 4-hole design ensures excellent airflow without sucking in scoobs when you use it on its own. It also prevents weed from dropping into the water chamber. It’s also compatible with 7mm tips for additional filtration. Ultimately, whether you’re reconfiguring it to fit different sized slides or using it as a standalone adapter, METTLE adapts to your sesh with ease.


Using METTLE is simple and intuitive. Really, it’s a no brainer and works like any other bowl slide out there. The key difference is in its adjustability, which might seem tricky at first. However, it’s super easy to work with and threaded well, so it never seems to get jammed or sticky. All you have to do is twist it and swap parts around to make it work for your setup. Here’s a simple guide to getting started:

Step 1: Configure METTLE

By default, METTLE operates as an 18mm male slide, which can also be used standalone as a chillum. If your water pipe requires this size, no adjustments are needed. However, if your water pipe requires a different size, follow these steps to configure METTLE:

If your water pipe requires a 14mm female slide:

  • Remove the outer slide of METTLE by twisting it apart from the main body.
  • Once removed, you’ll reveal the 14mm male slide beneath.
  • Reverse the outer slide and twist it back onto the male joint to change it into a 14mm female joint.

If your water pipe requires a 14mm male slide:

  • Remove the outer slide to reveal the 14mm slide.
  • Drop it into your rig.

When you’re done, just twist the main body back on and you can use it as an 18mm male adapter for use with 18mm female joints.

Step 2: Load it up 

Once you’ve configured METTLE to fit your water pipe, it’s time to pack it with weed. Grind your herbs to a suitable consistency and carefully pack them into the bowl of METTLE. If you’re sharing with friends, pack it full and make sure to only share the corners. If you’re going solo, we recommend packing it at half capacity. The bowl is so large you might burn your bud unevenly, and life’s too short to not get fresh greens.

Optional – Add a Screen

METTLE is compatible with stainless steel and glass screens. If you’re using older material or you ground your weed too finely, a screen will help prevent debris from entering your water chamber.

Step 3: Attach METTLE to Your Water Pipe

With METTLE packed and configured, just slide it into or onto the downstem of your water pipe. Ensure a snug fit to prevent any air leaks during use.

Step 4: Rip it 

Once METTLE is securely attached to your water pipe, spark up and enjoy it like you would with any other bowl.

Step 5: Clean it out 

When you’re done, don’t forget to clean it out. Cash out any remaining flower, and then disassemble it for easy access to the inside of the bowl. Then just wipe it clean with alcohol and a cotton swab. Rinse and dry before using again, and you’re ready for your next sesh. You don’t have to give it a deep clean every time, but the more you clean and maintain it, the easier it’ll be to adjust and configure in the future. You don’t want those threads to get gunked up with resin.

At the end of the day, Kontra’s METTLE is a lot more than a bowl. Between its durable, virtually indestructible design that stays cool to the touch in back-to-back hits, and the ability to swap it out for use with other bongs, it’s a game changer. This innovative design is one of a kind and doesn’t impart any metallic flavors to your sesh, so it’s a clear choice in my book when you need something versatile and user friendly for use with multiple bongs and setups.

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