It was love at first toke. At only 12 years old, Emily experienced her first high and was hooked. Through high school, she began smoking every day – before school, after school, AT school – and dubbed herself as a member of “The Stoner Squad” (a group of girls she hung out with). After graduation, she dedicated herself to learning about medical marijuana, vaporizing, legalization, and the marijuana culture. Shortly after Emily suffered from a shoulder injury, Arizona voters passed Prop 203 which legalized the use of medical marijuana. Since then, she got her paperwork together to get her card. “Being able to smoke weed legally was such a weird thought to get used to,” she said, “but it’s amazing!” Today, she calls herself a consistent smoker, and is proud of it.


Q&A with Emily Marie

Favorite Strain: My favorite strain… that’s hard. I would have to say some delicious Grand Daddy Purp is on my list as #1. I also will never forget smoking ATF for the first time… such a glorious high.

Favorite Munchies: Okay, are you ready for a long list? I may be skinny, but I LOVE food. Hot Cheetos, milkshakes, chocolate, Doritos, Pepsi, Sour Punch Straws, Twinkies, chips and salsa, ice cream, Dutch Bros iced coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, mexican food, chocolate cake, Jack in the Box… I could go on forever! 🙂

Preferred smoking method: I perfer to smoke out of a bong… it’s what I grew up smoking on *laughs*. Of course, for more “on the go” smoking, I’ll say pipe or blunt 🙂

Craziest high time: Oh jeez… can I plead the 5th on this one?

Favorite thing about being high: All of it. I love the process of smoking: breaking down, packing a bowl, smoking/vaping, and then just relaxing as you feel the high come over you.

First time: I was pretty young, and hanging out with a friend from church of all places *laughs*. It was like midnight, we snuck outside to her backyard, and she had made a pipe out of a soda can for us to smoke out of. I remember taking my first hit, exhaling, and then after a few seconds, I felt like the entire world around me was on a tilt. It was so weird *laughs*. I also remember my body feeling so relaxed and just… chill. It was great.

Why being a Stoner Things model is so dope: Being able to sort of be an advocate for stoners everywhere and help break the stigma that just because someone smokes weed, it means they are lazy and unmotivated. I am HIGHLY motivated to do as much as I can as a Stoner Things model and alternative model.


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