Emily is an Arizona native, born in raised in Phoenix. Her dream is to become a print model for different companies, but she currently spends her time at the Hideaway Grille, working her days away in their retail room. Emily, like all of us here at Stoner Things, is a proud user of the magical herb.

Q&A with Emily

Favorite Strain: Sour Diesel

Favorite Munchies: Flaming hot Cheetos with pickle juice.

Preferred smoking method: I personally like blunts more than anything.

Craziest high time: Feeling like I was stuck while sitting on my ex-boyfriend’s couch and I felt like I couldn’t move. I had him take me to his room to lay down, I felt like I was in a different universe *laughs*.

Favorite thing about being high: Feeling happy and relaxed and all the problems I had in my head before just disappear.

First time: I was 18 and I was with my bestfriend… it was quite the experience.

Why being a Stoner Things model is so dope: I get to represent a company that is promoting a product that helps a lot of people in so many ways.


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