Allison is our youngest Stoner Things model at only 19 years old. She loves to travel, model, and smoke quality weed.


Q&A with Allison

Favorite Strain: White Widow

Favorite Munchies: Hummus with warm pita, Chipotle, watermelon, and sushi!

Preferred smoking method: I have beautiful thick glass galazy pipes but I will forever be a bong girl 🙂

Craziest high time: Smoked outside behind a local business when two cops walked past us. We had just finished smoking and were clearly stoned from smoking all day. My friend still had his weed on top of his backpack but forgot it was out. The cops were just chatting us up.. it was really sketchy. They finally just walked off after a couple of minutes without saying a thing about our eyes or the smell! Still doesn’t feel real…

Favorite thing about being high: Best parts of being high: relaxation, great conversations, and highdeas (high-ideas).

First time: First time I ever smoked was in a ditch at a park when I was in 8th grade. It led to so many great group smoke outs after school and lots of trips to Peter Piper for Cinnamon Crunch Pizza Dessert! Still can’t eat it to this day…

Why being a Stoner Things model is so dope: I love modeling for Stoner Things; they are very down to earth and professional. Good vibes, good people, and good locations!



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