PAX Labs became ultra successful when they dropped the PAX 2 shortly after the classic PAX. This week, we’re diving deeper into their latest rendition of the PAX vaporizer, the PAX III. This version is just as sleek and discreet with the added benefit of dual-use chambers and a longer lasting battery. Here’s everything you need to know.

PAX III Dual-Use Vaporizer Review 

For a $200 vaporizer the PAX 3 is a sight to behold. Seriously, this is one of the sexiest vaporizers on the market with a sleek, portable design that makes this thing look like it came from the Apple store. The LED lights in the minimalistic display are also very vibrant, allowing you to check the temperature at a glance. We also appreciate its size, which fits in a pocket or purse. It can be taken practically anywhere and fits in the palm of your hand.

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The PAX 3 also has a pretty impressive battery. You can get through 6 or 7 bowls smoking it and several dabs. Ultimately it lasts all day even with a lot of use. Luckily it comes with a charging dock that you can plug it into every night to keep it ready to go, just like you would with a cell phone. The magnetic dock snaps right on when you put the vaporizer on it and the LED display tells you just how far along in charging you are. The cord is a bit short, but that’s hardly a complaint.

We love how easy the PAX 3 is to use. You just open the door or the lid, cram your flower or concentrate inside, and then press the button. It vibrates when it’s done heating and also displays its temperature settings. It can be a bit tricky to clean because so many parts snap in and out of place and its tube-like design can get gunky, but with regular maintenance the device works like a charm.

The PAX 3 produces excellent high-quality vapor. We think it lacks a little bit in the flavor department compared to other vapes, but this has to do with the pre-set temperature settings that take away some of the user control over the specific flower or concentrates being used. That said, it doesn’t ever burn anything and it toasts bowls evenly. The terps just seem to get a little underheated or overheated. Regardless, it produces a lot of vapor— especially for a device this small.

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The only complaint is that the airflow in the PAX 3 feels a little restricted compared to others in this price range. You have to drag and pull a little bit to get the biggest hits out of it, whereas some others are like inhaling ordinary air.

Last but not least, we love the warranty. Pax Labs is proud to stand behind their product, offering a 10 year warranty covering the build. If something goes wrong on it that wasn’t your fault, they’re typically pretty candid about repairing it for you. Just remember, if it is your fault something goes wrong, your warranty is void.

How to use and clean the PAX 3

Using the PAX 3 is insanely easy. To start, you’ll want to grind up your bud and then open the oven lid found on the bottom of the vape. You’ll use one of the lids to pack the amount of herb you want to vaporize into the chamber. Once everything is secure and the lid is reattached, just press the button on the top of the device.

The device will then heat and come to temperature. Once it reaches the correct temperature, the vaporizer will vibrate to let you know it’s ready. The display will load and turn green, and when it’s fully green you can hit it. We recommend letting it heat a little longer before the first puff for the best results.

If you want to change the temperature, all you have to do is turn the device on and hold down the button. From there, just push the button to cycle through the settings from the lowest temperature (green) to the highest temperature (red).

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After you’re done using the PAX III, you should clean it to keep it working properly and tasting good. Brush out the bowl every time you use it with flower and don’t let it sit overnight. Letting it sit and reheat all full of resin can gum up the works and damage the device. For concentrates, be sure to swab out the chamber with rubbing alcohol.

You should also aim for a deep clean at least once a week, and possibly more if you use your PAX 3 a lot. Regular maintenance will keep it functioning properly and tasting good. Take the vaporizer apart starting with the oven lid and soak the detachable pieces in rubbing alcohol.

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You should also clean out the vapor path with a pipe cleaner. The vapor path gets resinated just like any other piece of glass or smoking equipment, so take care not to skip this step. You can wipe out the bowl and the mouthpiece with isopropyl alcohol.

From there, just make sure everything is dry before reassembling the vaporizer. Typically you should give it about 15-30 minutes. There are a lot of working parts with the PAX 3 so it can be a bit of a bugger to keep clean.

TLDR: PAX III Pros and Cons

Ultimately, at a modest $200 the PAX III is a great vape that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed using. They’ve made a lot of improvements from the PAX II which was still at the top of its class when it first came out. The device is still small and discreet but with an extra powerful battery.

– Sleek sexy design
– Good size and portability
– Easy to use and load
– Doesn’t burn your concentrates or herb
– Comes with a warranty
– High-quality charging dock
– Battery lasts a long time
– Produces plenty of vapor

– Airflow is a little restricted due to its size and design, but its a worthy sacrifice for portability
– Flavor could be improved
– Can be a little time consuming and tedious to clean

Ultimately though, the benefits definitely outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to the PAX III. For a $200 vape, the portability and the ability to vaporize both concentrates and flower is incredible. The device is easy to use and clean and makes a great vape for beginners to the hobby or for those who want something small for medicating on the go. If we had to give it a star rating, it gets a 4.75 out of 5.



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